Friday, 26 September 2014

Journey of a Life from Sex to Child

Imagine you are bundled in a Gun like a bullet and fired with full force. You might think that the question itself is weird but every one in this World start their journey of life like this  exactly as I started.

It was dark. I could not see or feel a thing. It was hot everywhere. I forgot where from I came here and How I came here. But my objectives were clear. Find the egg and invade it.

The heat around me was increasing. There was some excessive movement that I could feel. I could not understand a thing but at last it happened. It was like a sudden explosion. Being affected by an explosion is one thing but being a part of an explosion is more disastrous. I never had experienced such a force. I was thrown into the walls of a passage which later I understood as the walls of the Vagina.

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The Vagina is the protective shield for me. If I am out of it I would die the instant I become dry. The warm and healthy atmosphere inside a Vagina would keep alive for at least 5 days. But before that I should travel and find the egg and invade it.

I never had imagined such a big competition in the task. Along with me, more than million of other Sperm cells had got ejaculated with the same speed that I was thrown out. Some could not sustain the speed and had decelerated and stopped travelling. They would be dead meat in no time and would be washed away in a short time from now.

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I was one of the luckiest who were alive and still travelling. Some collided in the walls of the Vagina, lost their speed and life. I was trying to be careful. But it was a lengthy and arduous journey. I persisted. I knew I have to be the winner in the game to reach the egg first.

Reaching the egg alone doesn't guarantee fertilization. But my first objective was that. Reaching the egg. The tunnel was extending further and further as kept on moving careful not collide with the walls or the other moving sperms. I could see a lot of my co-travelers lose speed and die miserably.But that didn't deter me from travelling towards my destination.

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At last that spectacular looking globe of egg was in front of me. It was the most attractive thing I have ever seen. But there were more than 100 sperm cells still travelling with me. Only one of us would get a chance to enter the heaven.

Some of the cells who were faster than me collided against the wall of the egg and bounced back, fell down and died. I knew I could not alter my speed - only luck could make it possible. I saw some other cells losing acceleration and dying. Is that going to be my fate as well. A small fear erupted inside me.

At last I reached the egg and held to the walls of it strongly. I could see couple of other sperm cells doing the same. The walls of an egg are strong and could not be penetrated by us. The egg itself would analyse which one of us is healthier and stronger and open up the gates of heaven.

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That miracle happened after a long wait and slowly the gates opened and I got myself swallowed by the fluids of the egg and to my joy I saw, one of the cells in egg got attracted by my power and came closer. Joining with that cell would forever alter by looks and appearance but I had no choice and since it was an enjoyable experience, I allowed that to happen.

Things were moving very fast. I am slowly losing my identity. I became two then four and multiplied at unimaginable speed.

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First day in the Womb :

In the first day I became a lump. With no form or structure. I am growing faster. But I could not tolerate being just a lump. I wanted to get some shape and that is not in my hands. Reaction and side reactions kept on happening at tremendous speed but not to to give a fast result as I expected.

Next 10 days in the Womb :

In the fifth day I became rounded up. I was looking like a small ball. On the tenth day I looked like a fruit. I was fearing some Eve would ask Adam for this apple I would be eaten. But nothing like that happened. I was growing at a fast rate. To what end and result, I had no idea.

By the end of first Month, My head was formed.

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By the end of second month, my arms and other parts of the body were formed. But I could not use them.

By the end of third month nails, hair, bones, skin and others formed. This is the main phase that determined whether I am going to be a male or female. Even though I could not feel it a CT Scan would showed by this time Who I am ?

By the fourth month bodily fluids start flowing inside me. In the fifth month Hunger and thirst started. In the sixth month encased inside the embryological membrane, I started feeling uneasy. Imagine you are enclosed in a trap where you could not move with no space to even move your hands and legs. It is almost a jail. I desperately wanted to escape from the enclosure but who knows when I will be fully ready to come out ?

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My desperation and efforts to move, moves the entire embryo to the left side of my Mother's Womb. My Mother would have thought I am kicking out of pleasure but no one knows the kind of a situation I am in.

I am lying there in the dark and disgusting hollows of the loins, surrounded by feces and urine. The heart beat of my Mother was like a thunder to me and it never stopped and continued to disturbing me throughout the days and nights.

My limbs are bitten by angry worms and as my body was tender they caused me excessive pain. I cannot wipe them off as My hands and legs are tied up. Is it a punishment or the hell that everyone is talking about. I was surrounded by the strong walls of the Womb, connected by Sinews.I was lying there feeling the pain every moment.

Whatever my Mother eats, Things that are pungent, bitter, hot, salty, sour and acidic, everything created an hell like atmosphere for me. The digestive process was creating lots of noise and smell that could not tolerate any longer.

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With my back and neck curved, held upside down, I had no option for moving and I felt as if I am a caged animal. When this is all going to end ?

I cried aloud, kicked tried my best to escape but the enclosure was more stronger than me and I could not succeed. I was lying there till the tenth month and my presence was considered a burden by the administrator of my Mother's Womb and it started pushing me outside.

Remember, I was upside down. So my head first came out.I was anxious, tired, with pain everywhere in my body. I was pushed out with force through a small opening that I felt compressed, violated and like scum and excrement I was thrown outside.

The moment I came out I tried to speak but found that I was not capable of speaking. Helplessly I was laying here for someone to take me and first clean me off all the dirty fluids surrounding me. I was not able to sit, stand or walk and then I knew I am going to be in the mercy of someone till the time I grow up.

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I am given food that I didn't like and at times when not required. I could not refuse and spell out the reasons why I don't like the food. It was real torture forcing the food that into my throat at a time it was not required. Flies sit on my body, mosquitoes bite but I am helpless and fully dependent on others to even do my basic activities.

The worst part of it is, in times I am allowed to remain uncleaned for long times and the smell of urine and human waste were  killing me...But I was helpless and only thing I could do was crying and I did that a lot.I was desperately waiting for my dependency to end that would end all my sufferings.

But at that time I was not aware that lot of other problems, pains and hardships await when I become an Adult

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