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Busted Facts about Love and Lust

Love is the word that is loved by everyone. We all love to love. All of us love to be loved. How do you know that you are in love and or being loved ?

Only a thin line separates love from lust. Before getting into this analysis, I would like to tell what exactly is love. 

Requirement for survival initially creates a desire for an object or subject. The desire slowly develops a strong attraction and ultimately blossoms into Love. 

Basic requirement of survival for a Lion is food. This requirements creates a desire to eat. As this desire intensifies, it chases and kills a deer and eats it. Lion may not know the feeling of love but it's desire to eat keeps it always on the look out for a prey and the prey is what that it loves unknowingly.

Requirement gets converted into desire and as the desire intensifies love evolves.If the love exceeds it's limit then Lust enters.

Love can be broadly classified into two types - Impersonal Love and Inter-personal love. 

Impersonal Love :

Impersonal love is the love we shower on objects or things that do not have life. You might love your Garden, you love your Nation, humanity, religion and so on. Impersonal love is always one sided where love will be offered but will not get reciprocated. You can love a Book but cannot expect it to love you back. It is not the fault of Book as it is not capable of Love. So, there is no sort of exchange of love here. You just love those things - that's all and there is nothing more to it. 

Here even the love is not instantaneous as first you had a requirement of certain knowledge which develops a desire to find a Book and once you get the Book and finish reading it, your desire is fulfilled and your requirement no longer exist.If that particular Book you have selected could nor satisfy your desire or requirement you may not love the Book but would opt to find a new one that would be more suitable for you.

You are so much selective even in the case of impersonal love.

Interpersonal Love :

This refers to the love we exchange with fellow humans. It can be the love a mother has for her child or the love of a  citizen towards a leader, or the love you feel for the member of opposite sex. We have straight away started with the term Love but here even love has it's root in requirements and desires. 

Mother's Love :

After the tough time a female faces in pregnancy and child birth there develops a strong desire in her mind to safeguard her creation and to make it happy. This desire gets converted into a liking. She starts watching each and every movement the child makes and relates them to her own past or her partners past. The thought that they have made a prototype of their own self that displays their own style and mannerisms makes that liking converted into love.

The child even reciprocates the love as it has a strong desire to  get fed at the right times and be held or kept in comfortable positions. When it finds out that Mother could give everything that it desired, a strong attachment develops which ultimately gets converted into Love.

Love at First sight :

Everyone would have known that 'Love at first sight' exists in the books we read, shows we watch or the tales we hear from others or through gossips. But I am sure no one would have felt Love at first sight and would have experienced it. If at all there is love at first sight then it has to fulfill the basic two laws that we have discussed earlier. 

A boy yearns to be close with a girl. That is his requirement.He might want her to be slim, tall, fair, with considerable boobs, bright eyes, an out-going character, and if on one fine day, he meets a girl who is everything rolled into one, then as his desires get fulfilled he might develop a liking for that girl which may or may not get converted into love.

Love with your Partner :

You could be in a relationship with a guy, whom you think you love the most. Just thinking do not create mutual love. You might love him if your desires are fully satisfied and the same thing goes for that guy also.

Unconditional love :

This is the Love I consider as true love. Mother's love is one such unconditional love everyone would have experienced. If you love a guy unconditionally just for the sake of loving and care a damn about how he looks, what he wears, what he earns, his social status, his success or failures then that could be termed as a true love.

Lust :

If the Love intensifies further it gets converted into Lust. You can even say that Lust is requirement and desire in a magnified form. You might want a guy for a one night stand. You might devour him like a hungry Lioness and after your hunger is satisfied, you might not even want to see him at all. 

Lust starts emotionally and settles it's score physically.Once physical satisfaction is reached, since there is no love, the relationship also might break and the separation may not have any effect on you emotionally.

How to differentiate between Love and Lust :

Consider that you have just heard from your Boss hat you are promoted. With whom you would like to share the news first ? Or think that you are in some bad shape and in big trouble and who you would like to discuss the issue first ?

If you want to share your most happiest as well as the most desperate moments with a guy you are living with  or having a relationship then you can immediately come to a conclusion that you are in Love with that guy.There will be no pretensions in true love. You will not try to hide your mistakes or get agitated by seeing him committing a mistake, then there is a possibility that you are in love with that guy.

If you do not  remember him at the times of your success or sorrow but get into his embrace just for the desire of satisfying your sexual appetite then the act is Lust.

Love and lust with different guys would certainly mean that you are deceiving your own self and also that guy. If your lust is reserved for the guy you love then it could be a healthier relationship.

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காதலும் காமமும் - ஒரு புலனாய்வு

 நான் நெட்டில் எழுதும் முதல் தமிழ் கட்டுரை இது. உங்களின் அன்பும் ஆதரவும் கிட்டும் பட்சத்தில் தொடர்ந்து எழுத விழைகிறேன். 
 நீ சிரித்தால் நான் சிரிப்பேன்..
நீ அழுதால் நான் அழுவேன்....
உன் சுகமே என் சுகம்...
என் சோகமே உன் சுகமானால் 
அதை தருவதே என் சுகம் 
என் தோல்வியே உன் வெற்றி யானால் 
நான் தோற்றுக்கொண்டே இருப்பேன்..
என் சாவே உன் வாழ்வானால்
சாவதும் எனக்கு சுகமே..

வாழ்க்கையே விரயம் ஆனாலும் உன் சுகமே என் சுகம் என சொல்ல வைக்கும் சக்தி காதலுக்கே உரித்தானது. வாலிபம் காதலின் வசமானது. தீண்ட தீண்ட  மயக்கும்  மது ரசமானது. சுமைகளை சுகமாய் சுமக்க வைக்கும் சக்தி ஆனது.

"காதல்லே அப்படி என்ன மச்சி இருக்கு. இப்படி பைத்தியம் புடிச்சு அலையுறே "

காதல்  கொண்டவனுக்கு மட்டுமே காதலை பற்றி தெரியும். அதை கண்டவனுக்கு இவ்வாறே கேட்க தோன்றும்.

காதல் என்பது காமத்தின்   தொடக்கமா ?
இளமையின் களியாட்டமா ?
வாலிபத்தின் கொண்டாட்டமா  ?
உணர்வுகளின் திண்டாட்டமா ?
இவை எல்லாம் கலந்த கலப்பாட்டமா ?

நினைத்து நினைத்து  சுவைக்க வைப்பது காதல். 
சுவைத்து சுவைத்து ரசிக்க வைப்பது காதல்.
ரசித்து ரசித்து சாக வைப்பதும் காதல்.

அழகை வைத்து வருவதல்ல காதல். மெரீனா பீச்சில் கை கோர்த்து வலம்  வரும் காதல் ஜோடிகளை பார்த்தாலே இது தெளிவாகும். 
சப்ப பிகர தள்ளிட்டு  வந்திருக்கான்  பாரு ?
 இவனுக்கு எப்படிடா இந்த சூப்பர் பிகரு மாட்டினா ? என்ற வார்த்தைகளை  நிச்சயம் பல இடங்களில், தருணங்களில்   கேட்டிருக்கலாம்.

அழகை வைத்து வருவதல்ல காதல் என்றால் பின் காமத்தை வைத்து வருகிறதா என்ற கேள்வி  உடனே கிளம்பும். காதலின் வெற்றி காமத்தில் முடியலாம். அனால் காமத்தில் கலக்காத  காதலே சரித்திரம் ஆகிறது. காமத்தின் கலப்பு காதலை திசை திருப்பி காதலியை மனைவி ஆக மாற்றுகிறது.

மனைவி   என்று ஆகி  விட்டால் அவள் தரும் சுமைகள் சுகமாய் ஏற்றுக்கொள்ளப்படுவதில்லை. அவள் வார்த்தைகள் தேனாய் இனிப்பதில்லை. மனைவியின்  அழகு அழகாய் கருதப் படுவதில்லை.

"டேய் பக்கத்து வீட்லே செம கட்ட ஒன்னு வந்திருக்கு டா"
"போன மாசம் தானே உனக்கு கல்யாணம் ஆச்சி. அதுக்குள்ளே என்னடா பக்கத்து வீட்டை பத்தி பேசுறே ?"
"அது  வேற இது வேற டா "

அருகில் இருக்கும் அழகு   அடைந்து விட்டதால் சலித்து போனது. தொலைவில் இருக்கும் அழகை அடைய மனம் லயித்து கிடந்தது.

ஆனால் காமம் கலக்காத காதல்   எத்தனை காலமானாலும் சலிப்பதில்லை. மனம் கிறங்கி மயங்கி கிடக்கிறது.

விரல் உரசலும், தோள் சாய்வதும், சொர்கம் ஆகிறது. அவள் உதிக்கும் அர்த்தமே  இல்லாத வார்த்தைகள் கூட  தத்துவம் ஆகிறது.   

அவள் சிரிப்பது அழகு, நடப்பது அழகு, தேன் தெறிக்கும் உதடுகள் அழகு, லேசாய் விலகும் முந்தானை அழகு, அந்த விலகலில் வெளிப்படும்  மகரந்த மார்புகள் அழகு .....அவளே அழகு, அவள் செய்வது எல்லாம் அழகு, அவளே  அழகுக்கு உதாரணம். 

காமத்துக்கு முன்னே அழகு சிற்பமாய் இருந்தவள் பின் எவ்வாறு கசந்து போகிறாள். 

மூடி மூடி மறைக்கப்படும் போது தான் ஆவல் கிளம்புகிறது. 

'பொம்பள சிரிச்சா போச்சி பொகயெல விரிச்சா  போச்சி'

மர்மங்களின் முடிச்சு அவிழ்க்க படும் போது பிரமிப்பாய் இருந்த அழகு இவ்வளவு தானா   என்ற ஆயாசத்தை தருகிறது.

இவை அனைத்தையும் மீறி வேறு ஒன்றும் காதலுக்கு எதிராய் செயல் படுகிறது. 

காதல் வசப்பட்ட வாலிபன் காதல் மயக்கத்தில் வாழ்க்கையை  மறக்கிறான். இறக்கை கட்டி வானத்தில் பறக்கிறான். தன் தேவைகளை கூட துறக்கிறான். 

ஆனால் காமம் கலந்த பின் தேவைகள் பூதாகரமாய் தாக்குகிறது. அந்த தாக்குதல் பெண்ணின் ரூபத்தில் நடப்பதால் அழகை அடைந்த கர்வம் போய், அந்த அழகை காக்கும் கடமை  கண் முன்னே நிற்கிறது. 

பொறுப்புகள் ஆணுக்கு அழகு தான். ஆனாலும் அது  திணிக்கப் படும் போது வெறுப்பு ஏற்படுகிறது. 'இவ யாரு என்ன கேக்றதுக்கு" என்ற ஆணவம் எழுகிறது. 

கடமைகளை நிறைவேற்ற பணமும் மனமும் கொண்ட ஆணுக்கு பெண் அடங்கி போகிறாள். இயலாமையில் திணரும் ஆண் பெண்ணுக்கு அடங்கிப் போகிறான்.  அடங்கி போனதற்காக உள்ளுக்குள்  தீ வளர்த்து எரிந்து போகிறான்.

எது எவ்வாறு இருந்தாலும் காதல் என்பது அழகு தான். 
மெல்லிய தென்றலாய் தவழும் உல்லாசம்
கோடி பூக்கள் சூழ்ந்து மேனியை வருடும் சந்தோஷம்.

காதல் மனிதனை கட்டிப் போடுவது இன்று நேற்றல்ல, தலைமுறை தலைமுறையாய் தொடரும் நிகழ்வு.

காதல் வாழ்கையில் விருந்தாளியாய்  வருவது அல்ல. நம் வாழ்கை ஆகவே ஆவது. 

வாழ்கையே காதல்.

காதலே வாழ்கை.

ஆதலால் காதலை காதல் செய்வீர்.

காதல் தரும் வாழ்க்கையை காதல் செய்வீர்.

வாழ்கையை  எப்படி ?

அடுத்த கட்டுரையில் பேசலாமா ?


Sunday, 28 September 2014

Why being Nude is considered Rude ?

I have never seen a Baby born with clothes. I have never seen any animal wearing clothes. I have never seen an animal feeling guilty about their nudity and trying to cover their Private parts. It is natural to be Nude but we have chosen an unnatural way of living that says that being Nude is Rude or Crude. Is it really so ?

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Protection from Weather :

Protection from Weather is the first and foremost reason why Clothes came into existence in our Life. Then, Why a Polar Bear that lives in a climate that is extremely cold, not wearing a sweater ? Why a Lion that is living in a Tropical belt not wearing a Bikini and take Sun Bath to get it's Skin tanned ? They find it absolutely comfortable with their Nudity and seem to be self protected. Then why the necessity of clothes are Unique to us.

Those animals are born in a particular Climatic condition and their body is well tuned to resist and adopt to the conditions prevailing there. They do not face the extremity of Climatic conditions as they do not navigate to places not suitable for their body conditions.

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But we are more ambitious than those animals and so we travel from one place to another simply not caring about the Climatic condition. We have devised artificial methods to combat the changes that do not suit our body conditions. In short we can say that we are more concerned about conquering the Nature and never try to live along with it in a Style it dictates. As we have changed our living Style and standards quite often Nature is not given sufficient time to change our body conditions to suit the environment we live in.
A we ignored the Nature, Nature now ignores us in setting up a natural ability to combat the Climatic conditions.
So, Select Clothes that suit your Climatic conditions as it is your Body and it is your responsibility to protect it.

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Protection from Hazardous activities :

Animals do not engage in Hazardous activities but we do. From basic cooking to Work place hazards we indulge ourselves in activities that might harm our Body. So we started designing clothes to suit the hazards we are involved in.

Clothes act as a barrier between your skin and the environment. So select your clothes that suit your activity and the environment.

What are the Private Parts of our Body and Why do we try to cover it even in circumstances where it is not warranted.

Culture and Social barriers have put some restrictions on us that prevent us from roaming naked even in places that are humid and Hot. Why is it so ?

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Animals do not have a purpose or Goal in their life. They are driven throughout their life by hunger for food and Sex. Food protects life and Sex or reproduction sustains life. These are the two basic laws of Nature. If they want food they eat and if they want Sex they get it. It is as simple as that.

But our life is not so simple. We have a purpose in life and have set goals to achieve them. We do not want to get distracted and deviated from those targets. By the law of Nature, a male and a female are attracted to each other and the sole purpose of this attraction is to induce them to get involved in Sexual intercourse to fulfill the Grand Nature's Law of Reproduction.

So it was thought that covering the Private parts that stimulate Sexual feelings would reduce the attraction between a male and female. Though the thought by itself is noble, I find it absurd as I feel only when something is covered, the anxiety to see it grows. As the anxiety grows  we try break the barrier to peek into the hidden secrets. Most of the Sexual crimes are the result of this desire and anxiety which has driven many Men and Women crazy.

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Now as the barrier is laid and the Culture is induced we are bound to wear clothes even if they are not required in some situations. So why not at least we plan to wear clothes that suit our personality, work place or the environment.

Physical Structure of the animals are almost similar in one specified environment. If you take a herd of Elephants, you cannot differentiate them as lean, fat, ugly or beautiful but they all would look similar. But in our case we differ in Color, Size, Bulk, facial features, Bone structures etc., and knowing that we are bound by the Laws not of Nature but of Society, We have to choose a dress that suits all our requirements and also that of Society's.

Knowingly and unknowingly we are drawn into this system and Why shouldn't we be a bit more Stylish and Fashionable.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Journey of a Life from Sex to Child

Imagine you are bundled in a Gun like a bullet and fired with full force. You might think that the question itself is weird but every one in this World start their journey of life like this  exactly as I started.

It was dark. I could not see or feel a thing. It was hot everywhere. I forgot where from I came here and How I came here. But my objectives were clear. Find the egg and invade it.

The heat around me was increasing. There was some excessive movement that I could feel. I could not understand a thing but at last it happened. It was like a sudden explosion. Being affected by an explosion is one thing but being a part of an explosion is more disastrous. I never had experienced such a force. I was thrown into the walls of a passage which later I understood as the walls of the Vagina.

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The Vagina is the protective shield for me. If I am out of it I would die the instant I become dry. The warm and healthy atmosphere inside a Vagina would keep alive for at least 5 days. But before that I should travel and find the egg and invade it.

I never had imagined such a big competition in the task. Along with me, more than million of other Sperm cells had got ejaculated with the same speed that I was thrown out. Some could not sustain the speed and had decelerated and stopped travelling. They would be dead meat in no time and would be washed away in a short time from now.

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I was one of the luckiest who were alive and still travelling. Some collided in the walls of the Vagina, lost their speed and life. I was trying to be careful. But it was a lengthy and arduous journey. I persisted. I knew I have to be the winner in the game to reach the egg first.

Reaching the egg alone doesn't guarantee fertilization. But my first objective was that. Reaching the egg. The tunnel was extending further and further as kept on moving careful not collide with the walls or the other moving sperms. I could see a lot of my co-travelers lose speed and die miserably.But that didn't deter me from travelling towards my destination.

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At last that spectacular looking globe of egg was in front of me. It was the most attractive thing I have ever seen. But there were more than 100 sperm cells still travelling with me. Only one of us would get a chance to enter the heaven.

Some of the cells who were faster than me collided against the wall of the egg and bounced back, fell down and died. I knew I could not alter my speed - only luck could make it possible. I saw some other cells losing acceleration and dying. Is that going to be my fate as well. A small fear erupted inside me.

At last I reached the egg and held to the walls of it strongly. I could see couple of other sperm cells doing the same. The walls of an egg are strong and could not be penetrated by us. The egg itself would analyse which one of us is healthier and stronger and open up the gates of heaven.

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That miracle happened after a long wait and slowly the gates opened and I got myself swallowed by the fluids of the egg and to my joy I saw, one of the cells in egg got attracted by my power and came closer. Joining with that cell would forever alter by looks and appearance but I had no choice and since it was an enjoyable experience, I allowed that to happen.

Things were moving very fast. I am slowly losing my identity. I became two then four and multiplied at unimaginable speed.

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First day in the Womb :

In the first day I became a lump. With no form or structure. I am growing faster. But I could not tolerate being just a lump. I wanted to get some shape and that is not in my hands. Reaction and side reactions kept on happening at tremendous speed but not to to give a fast result as I expected.

Next 10 days in the Womb :

In the fifth day I became rounded up. I was looking like a small ball. On the tenth day I looked like a fruit. I was fearing some Eve would ask Adam for this apple I would be eaten. But nothing like that happened. I was growing at a fast rate. To what end and result, I had no idea.

By the end of first Month, My head was formed.

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By the end of second month, my arms and other parts of the body were formed. But I could not use them.

By the end of third month nails, hair, bones, skin and others formed. This is the main phase that determined whether I am going to be a male or female. Even though I could not feel it a CT Scan would showed by this time Who I am ?

By the fourth month bodily fluids start flowing inside me. In the fifth month Hunger and thirst started. In the sixth month encased inside the embryological membrane, I started feeling uneasy. Imagine you are enclosed in a trap where you could not move with no space to even move your hands and legs. It is almost a jail. I desperately wanted to escape from the enclosure but who knows when I will be fully ready to come out ?

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My desperation and efforts to move, moves the entire embryo to the left side of my Mother's Womb. My Mother would have thought I am kicking out of pleasure but no one knows the kind of a situation I am in.

I am lying there in the dark and disgusting hollows of the loins, surrounded by feces and urine. The heart beat of my Mother was like a thunder to me and it never stopped and continued to disturbing me throughout the days and nights.

My limbs are bitten by angry worms and as my body was tender they caused me excessive pain. I cannot wipe them off as My hands and legs are tied up. Is it a punishment or the hell that everyone is talking about. I was surrounded by the strong walls of the Womb, connected by Sinews.I was lying there feeling the pain every moment.

Whatever my Mother eats, Things that are pungent, bitter, hot, salty, sour and acidic, everything created an hell like atmosphere for me. The digestive process was creating lots of noise and smell that could not tolerate any longer.

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With my back and neck curved, held upside down, I had no option for moving and I felt as if I am a caged animal. When this is all going to end ?

I cried aloud, kicked tried my best to escape but the enclosure was more stronger than me and I could not succeed. I was lying there till the tenth month and my presence was considered a burden by the administrator of my Mother's Womb and it started pushing me outside.

Remember, I was upside down. So my head first came out.I was anxious, tired, with pain everywhere in my body. I was pushed out with force through a small opening that I felt compressed, violated and like scum and excrement I was thrown outside.

The moment I came out I tried to speak but found that I was not capable of speaking. Helplessly I was laying here for someone to take me and first clean me off all the dirty fluids surrounding me. I was not able to sit, stand or walk and then I knew I am going to be in the mercy of someone till the time I grow up.

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I am given food that I didn't like and at times when not required. I could not refuse and spell out the reasons why I don't like the food. It was real torture forcing the food that into my throat at a time it was not required. Flies sit on my body, mosquitoes bite but I am helpless and fully dependent on others to even do my basic activities.

The worst part of it is, in times I am allowed to remain uncleaned for long times and the smell of urine and human waste were  killing me...But I was helpless and only thing I could do was crying and I did that a lot.I was desperately waiting for my dependency to end that would end all my sufferings.

But at that time I was not aware that lot of other problems, pains and hardships await when I become an Adult

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Love Story of a Crossdresser - Caught by Girlfriend

The first Kissing experience with my Girl Friend filled my next day with expectations and Dreams. I knew I was going crazy. I was day dreaming. I did not want to take advantage of a poor girl who was desperately seeking consolation from me. But will I succeed in not getting involved in that affair ?

I felt weak. I felt strong. I felt elated. I felt depressed. Contradictions kept on creeping in, till the reality finally dawned in the evening when I met her again. She had dressed up nicely, her face lit up with a sparkling smile. her eyes were shining, I dare not go below her neck as I am not sure of my confidence. I did not know what to do or talk. I just kept staring at her.

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I felt a shiver running through the entire length of my Spine. My lips started to elongate in an attempt to make a smile. I failed miserably. How could she be so casual and stress free ?

I saw her lips moving but didn't hear a thing. She positioned her head a bit side ward and started coming closer to me.

Is it what I wanted not to happen ?

Or as an after thought 'Wanted to happen ?'

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The first move is always difficult and tricky in an affair. I knew I never had that sharpness and the presence of mind to plan a move. Here I was not asked to plan, I just stood there deep rooted and she approached me.

Her hands caught my shoulders and crawled pleasurably around my neck and encircled it. I felt a small pressure in her hands and for a moment I thought  she wanted me to get closer. But I saw her closing in. When our bodies touched, all my senses exploded.

My hands now got into action tracking the lengths of her back.  She got ignited and started burning like a nuclear reactor dissipating heat from each and every nerve of her body. 

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The door was open and the daylight still had not disappeared outside. But we were not in a mood to notice anything. Even if a News Channel Team had come and caught our actions live, we wouldn't have bothered or noticed...

So, it all started like this and went on and on for months. I was still crossdressing after she departed. Even though liked Crossdressing more than anything in my life, I wanted people to see me in female cloths and appreciate it. But that remained a Dream and I always felt a big emptiness encompassing me every time I cross dressed.

 I used to lock my female cloths in a cup board and remembered to take the key along with me everyday as my Girlfriend already had the duplicate key to enter my apartment as and when she liked.

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But one fine day, I forgot to take the key with me and when I returned home, she was sitting in the hall. After a warm kiss as always, we started talking. I felt a small difference in her mood and it didn't strike me at that time as I was still not aware that the key was left behind.

She left surprisingly early. When I saw my cup board with the keys on, I was a surprised and after I opened it my surprise turned into shock as I saw my cup board neatly arranged. Everything were in order. There was a feminine touch in the order I saw there. It was certainly not my style as I used to dump things over there. At that time I knew she saw everything and would have understood that I was a Crossdresser.

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Will this have any effect on our love affair ?
Will she come back again ?
Even if she comes back again, is it possible to be casual in our affair ?

Things are going to be changed from now on. How dramatic the changes would be, I did not know.
But I have to get prepared.
If she found the matter insulting and spells the finding to her friends or relatives my social standing and career would gone ?
I am not sure what I have to do ?
Waiting is the only thing I could do and I waited.
Till the next day waiting for her arrival.

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Monday, 22 September 2014

Types of Female Body and Dresses to Match

A Sexy Female body is not a skeleton wrapped by skin as depicted by most fashion houses and Super Models.

Distribution of flesh at appropriate places, Addition of fat at required proportions and locations, Desired Curves at correct angles and above all a happy and smiling face with sparkling eyes make a sexy and desirable Female Body.

A Female body is a magical creation both internally and externally. The external appearance of a Female body is a fine blend of Warmth and softness evolved by the mixture of skeletal structure with a definite  quantity of flesh and fat distributed tastefully.

A Female body is the source of aesthetic pleasure that makes it sexually attractive.

Unfortunately not all the females have the right proportions meeting the beauty equation.

What the hell ?

Dresses are there to cover them up and make you a striking beauty.

Before getting into the dressing part of the Blog, let me explain the Types of Female Body to make things lot more simpler.

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Measure your sizes to know exactly where you stand :

Ratio between the circumferences of the Bust, Waist and Hips is normally referred as the basic shape of a Female Body.

  • Measure the circumference of your body just below the Breasts and across the breast where the projections are at the peak.
  • Measure the circumference of your waist which is the exact middle portion from the last of the ribs to the crest of hip bone.
  • Find out which part of your Hips or Buttocks has the largest circumference and measure it and you have your hip size.

These three magical figures make you a Dream Girl.

Now to the types of the body that we derive from the basic measurement we just made.

Types of Female Body :

Based on the results of the above measurements a Female body is classified into four basic shapes:

1) Banana Shape
2) Pear Shape
3) Apple Shape
4) Hour Glass Shape.

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1) Types of Female Body - Banana Shape :

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In this case the Waist measurement is less than 9 inches than the hips and Bust Measurement. Distribution of flesh and fat will be more on abdomen, Buttocks, Chest and face. The distribution gives an overall look of ruler or rectangular shape.

Almost about 46 % of the females have this type of body. They normally have great legs and well formed arms and a lean and long overall structure.

Dresses to Match:

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Consider selecting full neck or halter necked tops with patterns, laces, designs or with pockets that would give you a busty look. Inside the Tops you can try Wonder Bras or padded Bras to make your bust line more prominent.You can wear skinny and straight legged jeans, Be sure that you wear your jeans or shirts or minis below the waist that would tend to give a accentuated view of your hips or your Buttocks, Since you will be long legs, do not try to hide them but expose as the situation demands.

2) Types of Female Body - Pear Shape :

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This type of female body has fat and flesh more concentrated in the lower portion of the body like Buttocks, hips and Thighs. There could be increased fat deposit around the Waist. They might have thighs of big volume and smaller Bust. To be simple, just look at yourself in a mirror and if you find your hips broader than your shoulder, you definitely fall into this group.

20 % of the females are supposed to have such body type.

Dresses to Match :

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Concentrate on the upper portion of your body and select dresses that make your upper portion prominent. Select tops and dresses with patterns or textures and make people look at the top of your body. Having the hems wide in your pants or skirts that would make the lower part of your body look more sexual.
Avoid short and tight skirts that would expose your thick thighs and ample hips.
While selecting your dresses you can get one that exposes must of your Bust line, Back and your arms. Remember the top portion of the dress should make your your bust look bigger.

3) Types of Female Body - Apple Shape :

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If you have shoulders broader than the hips then you are having an Apple shaped body. You will be having slim legs with larger abdomen and chest. Flesh and fat are mainly distributed in abdomen, Chest and Face. You should be having ample busts, narrow hips and poorly defined waist.

20 % of the females are supposed to have Apple Type of female Body.

Dresses to Match :

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Do not try to to give emphasis to your upper part of your body as they are already ample and eye catching. Single colored with multiple shades or dark colors with small and exquisite designs will suit you nicely.b Select tops or Dresses that have folds, frills or textures in the stomach area which you will certainly like to hide.  
You can wear short Skirts an dresses that would expose your sexy legs. 
Since I also have an Apple type of a body, I am some photos of mine  that hide my stomach but expose the sexy legs.

Types of Female Body - Hour Glass Shape :

Hips and Busts are of almost same dimension for this type of females. Flesh and Fat are evenly distributed in the upper half and the lower half of the body.  Their Vital statistics are considered the best among Females.

8 % of the Females have Hour Glass Type of Body.

Dresses to Match :

For more Fashion updates - Warm & Intimate Monalisa

Since you have the perfect body shape, do not try to hide your curves with frills, laces or textures. Be bold to expose your curves that would become an envy for every one who is looking at you. Just select dresses that simply cling to your shapely body.

Try to draw attention to your waist that looks miraculously small supporting  much  bigger treasures above it. It would be a pleasure seeing you. You will create a style of your own.

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