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5 strange secrets about boobs - Views of a Crossdresser

I am crazy about boobs. Some time back I used to collect photos of various sizes of boobs, with different shapes and colors and I used to enjoy watching them for a long long time till I went crazy. Sometimes I liked small boobs and sometimes huge boobs that hung like a ripe water melons.
Every one would agree that watching boobs is one of the pleasurable thing in the world. Is it true ?
In my case I normally used to get turned on by cleavage shows than the show of naked boobs because sometimes naked boobs could be disgusting. But Cleavages always remain evergreen,

As you all know I am a crossdresser with the specialty of having a big Cleavage. Most of my fans and followers get attracted by my Cleavage show and some have even gone crazy. While reading their comments and cravings in my facebook page, I used to think a lot about boobs. And this thought process took me to a dark alley where I found 5 strange secrets about boobs and I am sharing them here.

5 Strange secrets about boobs # 5

Boobs are the exclusive property of females:

I find this oddly ridiculous because almost all males who are bit over weight have well shaped breasts. Instead of a bra holding them together, these boobs simply swing around without any support. Neither the individual nor the public seem to care a damn about this. In  fact no one even notice their boobs and regard them as a beauty.Is it because this natural beauty is covered by dense hair ?

Boobs are appreciated for their size, shape and beauty:

I tried a small experiment. I went out bare breasted and roamed around in a busy beach, no one cared a damn about me.The next day I shaved all my hair over my breast and strolled around in the same beach bare breasted. Still no one noticed. The next day came and I went to the same beach wearing just my shorts and brassiere and also with a light make up and a wig. Now I was noticed, approached, appreciated by people who didn't even noticed me when I was bare breasted the previous day.
I had nicely sized boobs with shapely curves but no one noticed when I had hair over that and the same thing happened even after I shaved my hair. Bur wearing a brassiere over my couple of boobs made people to turn and stare at me.

It is not the boobs that are attractive but the way they are presented make them attractive:

If not for the advent of brassiere men would have lost all their interest in boobs. A bulky pair of boobs when encased behind a brassiere looks goddamn seductive. We do not want to visualize how those boobs would look like devoid of that tremendous support given by a Bra. They would hang down like ripe spoiled fruits and if they are big they would even reach their belly. I normally find that sight really disgusting. So a pair of supports make a disgusting sight lovely.

Why boobs are in demand ?

Young and lean boys find boobs attractive because they do not have such projections protruding outside that are always covered and kept as a secret from time immemorial. The curiosity factor of wanting to know how they would  look like without a cover over that, itself is sufficient enough to keep the craze going. Fat and older guys, in spite of the fact that they themselves have the boobs, find the female boobs attractive because, unknowingly their inner psychology make them believe that only females have such a valuable asset.

Are boobs pretty for ever ?

Child birth, Motherhood and excessive necessary and unnecessary usages make them sagging and dangling in an uncomfortable position which make them look ugly without the protective covering. But the relatively unused boobs of a male remain strong and shapely even at old ages.

Boobs are made for a special purpose that is divine in nature and is awarded to females as a gift for the painful transformations they undergo during the child birth and Motherhood. I am not denying that and respect it. But, in my opinion they are not as beautiful as the boobs of a Male.

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