Tuesday, 16 September 2014

7 Myths about Sex Offenders - Exposed and Clarified

Today when I was casually browsing the net, I stumbled across an article in the Website of State of California - Department of Justice. It was about the common myths and believes about the sex offenders and about their correctness.

It was really informative and I thought would be useful to you as well and hence I have summarized the content and sharing the points through this blog.

1) Offender's Knowledge about the Victims:

The Statistics go like this. Most of the offenders know their Victims well. Majority of the Child Victims (almost about 90 % ) know their offender and in half of the cases the Offender had been a part of the family. Unbelievable isn't it ?
Beware of the Black Sheep within your community and protect yourself and your family.

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2) How Child Victims are cornered:

As in most of the cases the Sex Offenders are well known to the Child Victims, they seldom use threat or harsh methods to access the victim. They do lots of sweet talking to gain confidence of the Child Victim and build up a relationship. Once the offender feels that the relationship base is strong enough he gets into action and it is here that the abuse and offence starts.

They do not go for elaborate procedures like tracking the Victims in Schools or {Playgrounds but they know the right place and time for the action as they they are already well acquainted with the Victim's daily routine.

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3) Sexual assaults of Adult Women: 

In the case of the Adult Women, most of the rapes are of 'Confidence rape' type. The Offender know the Victim and uses the familiarity to get closer and closer. At some point of time when the Offender thinks the time is ripe or if he thinks he is running out of time, he jumps into the act.

Beware Young ladies, not of  dangers from the unknown but from the known circles.

4) Are Child Sex abusers, Sexually capable:

A minor percentage of the sexual abusers are attracted only towards Children. Rest of the vast majority of abusers are sexually active and are attracted equally by Adult females.

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5) Effects of the Abuse:

Physical injury is what that gets immediate attention. But normally the physical injuries are cured in time but the psychological impact of the abuse survives. Trust the victim had upon the offender is first shattered and the victim might end up in a trauma that might create nightmares for rest of the Victim's life. The Victim might find it difficult to trust a person again.

6)  Victim's course of action:

The Victim, in most of the cases tries to hide the assault permanently or tries to prolong disclosure of the incident. Shame on how she or he believed the offender and the trust wrongly placed, stops the victim from disclosing the assault immediately. The fear of how the friends and relatives  would react to the assault also keeps the victim silent for some time. But when the initial shock and pain starts receding the Victim analyses the course of action and most decide to disclose as they do not want to get assaulted again and also to protect others from getting assaulted by the Offender.

Talking about the assault with someone trusted at a time the Victim feels as right will reduce the psychological pressures.

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7) What Motivates the Sex Offenders:

It has been clearly established that most of the sex offenders do not get into the offence just for sexual pleasures. Hunger for Power, desire to dominate, losing one's own control on himself and anger about individuals, job, Society or with himself are the main reasons that motivate a Sex Offender.

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