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Types of Female Body and Dresses to Match

A Sexy Female body is not a skeleton wrapped by skin as depicted by most fashion houses and Super Models.

Distribution of flesh at appropriate places, Addition of fat at required proportions and locations, Desired Curves at correct angles and above all a happy and smiling face with sparkling eyes make a sexy and desirable Female Body.

A Female body is a magical creation both internally and externally. The external appearance of a Female body is a fine blend of Warmth and softness evolved by the mixture of skeletal structure with a definite  quantity of flesh and fat distributed tastefully.

A Female body is the source of aesthetic pleasure that makes it sexually attractive.

Unfortunately not all the females have the right proportions meeting the beauty equation.

What the hell ?

Dresses are there to cover them up and make you a striking beauty.

Before getting into the dressing part of the Blog, let me explain the Types of Female Body to make things lot more simpler.

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Measure your sizes to know exactly where you stand :

Ratio between the circumferences of the Bust, Waist and Hips is normally referred as the basic shape of a Female Body.

  • Measure the circumference of your body just below the Breasts and across the breast where the projections are at the peak.
  • Measure the circumference of your waist which is the exact middle portion from the last of the ribs to the crest of hip bone.
  • Find out which part of your Hips or Buttocks has the largest circumference and measure it and you have your hip size.

These three magical figures make you a Dream Girl.

Now to the types of the body that we derive from the basic measurement we just made.

Types of Female Body :

Based on the results of the above measurements a Female body is classified into four basic shapes:

1) Banana Shape
2) Pear Shape
3) Apple Shape
4) Hour Glass Shape.

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1) Types of Female Body - Banana Shape :

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In this case the Waist measurement is less than 9 inches than the hips and Bust Measurement. Distribution of flesh and fat will be more on abdomen, Buttocks, Chest and face. The distribution gives an overall look of ruler or rectangular shape.

Almost about 46 % of the females have this type of body. They normally have great legs and well formed arms and a lean and long overall structure.

Dresses to Match:

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Consider selecting full neck or halter necked tops with patterns, laces, designs or with pockets that would give you a busty look. Inside the Tops you can try Wonder Bras or padded Bras to make your bust line more prominent.You can wear skinny and straight legged jeans, Be sure that you wear your jeans or shirts or minis below the waist that would tend to give a accentuated view of your hips or your Buttocks, Since you will be long legs, do not try to hide them but expose as the situation demands.

2) Types of Female Body - Pear Shape :

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This type of female body has fat and flesh more concentrated in the lower portion of the body like Buttocks, hips and Thighs. There could be increased fat deposit around the Waist. They might have thighs of big volume and smaller Bust. To be simple, just look at yourself in a mirror and if you find your hips broader than your shoulder, you definitely fall into this group.

20 % of the females are supposed to have such body type.

Dresses to Match :

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Concentrate on the upper portion of your body and select dresses that make your upper portion prominent. Select tops and dresses with patterns or textures and make people look at the top of your body. Having the hems wide in your pants or skirts that would make the lower part of your body look more sexual.
Avoid short and tight skirts that would expose your thick thighs and ample hips.
While selecting your dresses you can get one that exposes must of your Bust line, Back and your arms. Remember the top portion of the dress should make your your bust look bigger.

3) Types of Female Body - Apple Shape :

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If you have shoulders broader than the hips then you are having an Apple shaped body. You will be having slim legs with larger abdomen and chest. Flesh and fat are mainly distributed in abdomen, Chest and Face. You should be having ample busts, narrow hips and poorly defined waist.

20 % of the females are supposed to have Apple Type of female Body.

Dresses to Match :

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Do not try to to give emphasis to your upper part of your body as they are already ample and eye catching. Single colored with multiple shades or dark colors with small and exquisite designs will suit you nicely.b Select tops or Dresses that have folds, frills or textures in the stomach area which you will certainly like to hide.  
You can wear short Skirts an dresses that would expose your sexy legs. 
Since I also have an Apple type of a body, I am some photos of mine  that hide my stomach but expose the sexy legs.

Types of Female Body - Hour Glass Shape :

Hips and Busts are of almost same dimension for this type of females. Flesh and Fat are evenly distributed in the upper half and the lower half of the body.  Their Vital statistics are considered the best among Females.

8 % of the Females have Hour Glass Type of Body.

Dresses to Match :

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Since you have the perfect body shape, do not try to hide your curves with frills, laces or textures. Be bold to expose your curves that would become an envy for every one who is looking at you. Just select dresses that simply cling to your shapely body.

Try to draw attention to your waist that looks miraculously small supporting  much  bigger treasures above it. It would be a pleasure seeing you. You will create a style of your own.

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