Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Busted Facts about Love and Lust

Love is the word that is loved by everyone. We all love to love. All of us love to be loved. How do you know that you are in love and or being loved ?

Only a thin line separates love from lust. Before getting into this analysis, I would like to tell what exactly is love. 

Requirement for survival initially creates a desire for an object or subject. The desire slowly develops a strong attraction and ultimately blossoms into Love. 

Basic requirement of survival for a Lion is food. This requirements creates a desire to eat. As this desire intensifies, it chases and kills a deer and eats it. Lion may not know the feeling of love but it's desire to eat keeps it always on the look out for a prey and the prey is what that it loves unknowingly.

Requirement gets converted into desire and as the desire intensifies love evolves.If the love exceeds it's limit then Lust enters.

Love can be broadly classified into two types - Impersonal Love and Inter-personal love. 

Impersonal Love :

Impersonal love is the love we shower on objects or things that do not have life. You might love your Garden, you love your Nation, humanity, religion and so on. Impersonal love is always one sided where love will be offered but will not get reciprocated. You can love a Book but cannot expect it to love you back. It is not the fault of Book as it is not capable of Love. So, there is no sort of exchange of love here. You just love those things - that's all and there is nothing more to it. 

Here even the love is not instantaneous as first you had a requirement of certain knowledge which develops a desire to find a Book and once you get the Book and finish reading it, your desire is fulfilled and your requirement no longer exist.If that particular Book you have selected could nor satisfy your desire or requirement you may not love the Book but would opt to find a new one that would be more suitable for you.

You are so much selective even in the case of impersonal love.

Interpersonal Love :

This refers to the love we exchange with fellow humans. It can be the love a mother has for her child or the love of a  citizen towards a leader, or the love you feel for the member of opposite sex. We have straight away started with the term Love but here even love has it's root in requirements and desires. 

Mother's Love :

After the tough time a female faces in pregnancy and child birth there develops a strong desire in her mind to safeguard her creation and to make it happy. This desire gets converted into a liking. She starts watching each and every movement the child makes and relates them to her own past or her partners past. The thought that they have made a prototype of their own self that displays their own style and mannerisms makes that liking converted into love.

The child even reciprocates the love as it has a strong desire to  get fed at the right times and be held or kept in comfortable positions. When it finds out that Mother could give everything that it desired, a strong attachment develops which ultimately gets converted into Love.

Love at First sight :

Everyone would have known that 'Love at first sight' exists in the books we read, shows we watch or the tales we hear from others or through gossips. But I am sure no one would have felt Love at first sight and would have experienced it. If at all there is love at first sight then it has to fulfill the basic two laws that we have discussed earlier. 

A boy yearns to be close with a girl. That is his requirement.He might want her to be slim, tall, fair, with considerable boobs, bright eyes, an out-going character, and if on one fine day, he meets a girl who is everything rolled into one, then as his desires get fulfilled he might develop a liking for that girl which may or may not get converted into love.

Love with your Partner :

You could be in a relationship with a guy, whom you think you love the most. Just thinking do not create mutual love. You might love him if your desires are fully satisfied and the same thing goes for that guy also.

Unconditional love :

This is the Love I consider as true love. Mother's love is one such unconditional love everyone would have experienced. If you love a guy unconditionally just for the sake of loving and care a damn about how he looks, what he wears, what he earns, his social status, his success or failures then that could be termed as a true love.

Lust :

If the Love intensifies further it gets converted into Lust. You can even say that Lust is requirement and desire in a magnified form. You might want a guy for a one night stand. You might devour him like a hungry Lioness and after your hunger is satisfied, you might not even want to see him at all. 

Lust starts emotionally and settles it's score physically.Once physical satisfaction is reached, since there is no love, the relationship also might break and the separation may not have any effect on you emotionally.

How to differentiate between Love and Lust :

Consider that you have just heard from your Boss hat you are promoted. With whom you would like to share the news first ? Or think that you are in some bad shape and in big trouble and who you would like to discuss the issue first ?

If you want to share your most happiest as well as the most desperate moments with a guy you are living with  or having a relationship then you can immediately come to a conclusion that you are in Love with that guy.There will be no pretensions in true love. You will not try to hide your mistakes or get agitated by seeing him committing a mistake, then there is a possibility that you are in love with that guy.

If you do not  remember him at the times of your success or sorrow but get into his embrace just for the desire of satisfying your sexual appetite then the act is Lust.

Love and lust with different guys would certainly mean that you are deceiving your own self and also that guy. If your lust is reserved for the guy you love then it could be a healthier relationship.

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