Saturday, 20 September 2014

Love Story of a Crossdresser - Exploring Monalisa

My Love Story started in a strange way. I was staying alone in a major City in India. One fine evening there was knock in the door and when I opened  - there she stood, Lean, Ugly but with a sparkling smile.

She demanded whether she could meet my wife. I got a little irritated and replied curtly that she is not here and if it is an urgency she could travel 2000 Kms to meet her. She displayed that sexy smile again and apologized and said she is a tailor and stitches clothes in her home for living.

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She had come to my house thinking she could get some dresses to stitch and inquired if I had some. I laughed and said, I have, but not if you stitch only female clothes. There we go folks, our first meeting went like this and she began frequenting my house as she liked talking with me.

She is fatherless with one brother and sister and her mother worked as a House Maid for a living. Her bother is a drunkard and came home drunk everyday. He is so violent and disrespectful that he used to beat his Mother and also his sister in the evenings and never gives money for the household purpose.

We became closer and closer and she became a regular visitor to my house in the evenings. One day she came crying telling that her Brother beat her with a stick and to my surprise she lifted her tops and showed the marks she had sustained by the beating. It was horrible. But I did not want to exploit the situation and asked  her to stay calm and gave some pain killers and a Coffee. The look of her bare back with stripes everywhere troubled me a lot and gave me lots of sleepless nights.

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Festivals are numerous and colorful in India and one such festival is Vishwakarma Puja. Vishwakarma is supposed to be the architect who created Heaven and in Hindu Mythology he is the first Engineer in the Universe. His birthday is celebrated across the country with colorful decoration, Music, Dance and gatherings. On one such day after the puja in my Company, I returned home a bit early and I was a lot surprised to see her waiting for me.

She had come to give me sweets and wishes for the day. I tasted the sweet which was really good and offered her the sweets that brought with me. She took a small piece and ate it and refused to take more, but asked me to eat some more of the sweets she brought. I made an offer to her, if she bites half of the sweet, I shall take the balance.

So the game started, she took a sweet, ate half of it and gave the rest to me. The next one I ate first and gave the balance half to her. It was fun and it continued for a long time till both the Sweet boxes were empty. I felt happy because she was happy and she felt the same way because I was happy.

My job was a real tough one managing at least 200 people working under me. The pressure it exerted on me was so great that sometimes I felt I should disappear from this world and be free for at least a day.

A similar kind of a situation emerged the very next day and I came home taking half a day leave. When she came to meet me in the evening I told her I want to disappear one day from this World and happily roam around the City like a free bird. She immediately said she would help and asked when I wanted to do that.

So the next day we started very early in the morning and simply disappeared from the face of the World. We traveled together and walked  in the banks of Ganges, ate in restaurants and finally went to a Movie. Until then I was trying to keep some distance from her and never touched her.

But in the Movie hall, the rush acted in our favor, my shoulder brushed hers, our hands touched, her body smell reached my nostrils and hit the brain straight and made me imagine things that I never had imagined before.

She was ecstatic  and kept saying that it was the best day in her life. When I turned around and saw her in the darkness of the Movie hall, She looked beautiful. So far she had attracted me as a person but not as a girl. I have told you already that she looked ugly but if you asked me at that moment I would have told that she is the most beautiful Girl in the World.

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We returned very late in the night and first she came to my house in spite of my refusals as I was afraid for her reputation and the after effects that would develop in the eyes of the Society and the beatings she would get from her brother.

She looked straight into my eyes. Her eyes were sparkling with joy and her lips were wet and inviting. I tried to avoid looking into her eyes. But the inevitable was about to happen and I knew I could not resist it.

She came closer and closer looking seductively, touched my hand, held it firmly and took it to her bosom and pressed it there and asked if I could feel the beat of her heart.

I not only felt her heart beat but also felt her boobs - small, rounded, soft and warm that made my heart also  to beat faster. She pulled me closer further. I was surprised by her strength and felt a weakness running throughout by spine. We ended up embracing each other.

She was desperately searching my lips and when I offered, that is it...

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She kissed me deeply probing the insides of my mouth with her lingering tongue. Her body was on fire and all the time I was conscious of the time and forced her to go to her house and said we would continue from here the next day.

She reluctantly left.

We started all over again the next day evening and let me share those experiences in my next Blog. This is the beginning of  Love Story  of a Crossdresser which lasted for about three years and ended up destroying my entire career.

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