Tuesday, 9 September 2014

7 Basic Facts about Boobs that make them miraculous

Boobs is a very versatile topic and the interest that it creates in Men and Women are great. They are sensitive organs not only biologically but also socially. Men are crazy about it because they never get a chance to see the boobs so easily.

Even if one gets a chance to witness one, his quest never ceases as each and every boob is specially designed and built by the combination of DNA and hormones that no single boob is similar to the other one.They are unique in nature.

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Their shape, size, weight, color, position everything vary from individual to individual. Just seeing one does not satisfy a male. His interest goes on increasing as each boob he sees will increase his interest to witness more and more due to it's diverse nature and quality.

It is not only the males who are overtly interested in facts about boobs but females are also equally drawn into it because of reasons that are different. Even though both men and women develop boobs there are some basic and strong reasons why they are considered an exclusive property of females. I am going to share here 7 basic facts about the boobs.

1) Why boobs are special for females ?

Breasts are developed by embryological tissues and such development happen for both Men and Women.But during Puberty, a female sex hormone called Estrogen secretes excessively in females that contribute for the prominent growth of boobs in females than Males. In Males, secretion of a sex hormone called testosterone is more that doesn't compliment breast growth. Estrogen is  the  main source that makes  female boobs special.

2) Structure of Boobs:

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Major muscles of the boobs extend from second rib to the sixth rib in the front side of human rib cage. Boobs are basically assumed to be of conical shape with it's base at the chest wall and nipples decorating them at the other end.
Weight of the boob varies from 500 grams to 1000 grams depending upon the structure. A small boob can weigh 500 grams or less whereas a bigger one could weigh between 500 to 1000 grams or more in some cases.

3) Configuration of Boobs:

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There are high breast and low breast configuration found commonly in females. Boobs that are mounted high upon the chest wall with rounded shape high breast configuration. In this case the cone and dome shapes of the breast is placed exactly in the base and projects out horizontally from the chest and the weight will be evenly distributed.
In the low breast configuration, the boobs are fixed to the chest at the base but the extended form of the breast will form a fold that reduces the load imparted to the chest and shoulder bones.

4) Structure and functionality of  Nipples:

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Nipples are the focal points where protrusion of boobs end. They are the focal point for vision as they shine like a jewel atop every boob with different color, shape and texture.It is surrounded by areola whose color varies from pink to dark brown and even darker in some cases.

5) Divine fact about the boobs:

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Female boobs contain Mammary glands that secrete Milk during Motherhood and is fed to the child through nipples. By Nature's law basic creatures like plants are gifted with the power of producing food from minerals in the earth and the energy in atmosphere. We, the humans and animals have to work hard to get the food but could not utilize the natural resources to produce our food ourselves.
But it is a miracle of nature that only females and that too at the time of Motherhood and that too only through the boobs could produce food for the sustenance of another life.

6) Can Men develop boobs ?

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Most of the fat Men develop boobs naturally that are bigger in size and shape but without mammary glands and so they cannot produce milk. Transgenders artificially develop boobs by consuming estrogen rich tablets. Silicon implants also produce big boobs.

7) No single boob is identical ?

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Let me conclude with special bonus fact about boobs that most of us may not know.

I have already told you that boobs are diverse in nature and no single boob is identical. When I say no single boob is not identical I really mean it. The two boobs that a female has got will not be similar. Almost 90 % of the females have boobs that are not similar. This dis-similarity can be in size, volume, the way it is attached to the chest, position and size of the nipple or the angle at which boob is positioned.

None could match the miraculous and divine nature of the female boobs.

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