Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Love Story of a Crossdresser - Caught by Girlfriend

The first Kissing experience with my Girl Friend filled my next day with expectations and Dreams. I knew I was going crazy. I was day dreaming. I did not want to take advantage of a poor girl who was desperately seeking consolation from me. But will I succeed in not getting involved in that affair ?

I felt weak. I felt strong. I felt elated. I felt depressed. Contradictions kept on creeping in, till the reality finally dawned in the evening when I met her again. She had dressed up nicely, her face lit up with a sparkling smile. her eyes were shining, I dare not go below her neck as I am not sure of my confidence. I did not know what to do or talk. I just kept staring at her.

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I felt a shiver running through the entire length of my Spine. My lips started to elongate in an attempt to make a smile. I failed miserably. How could she be so casual and stress free ?

I saw her lips moving but didn't hear a thing. She positioned her head a bit side ward and started coming closer to me.

Is it what I wanted not to happen ?

Or as an after thought 'Wanted to happen ?'

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The first move is always difficult and tricky in an affair. I knew I never had that sharpness and the presence of mind to plan a move. Here I was not asked to plan, I just stood there deep rooted and she approached me.

Her hands caught my shoulders and crawled pleasurably around my neck and encircled it. I felt a small pressure in her hands and for a moment I thought  she wanted me to get closer. But I saw her closing in. When our bodies touched, all my senses exploded.

My hands now got into action tracking the lengths of her back.  She got ignited and started burning like a nuclear reactor dissipating heat from each and every nerve of her body. 

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The door was open and the daylight still had not disappeared outside. But we were not in a mood to notice anything. Even if a News Channel Team had come and caught our actions live, we wouldn't have bothered or noticed...

So, it all started like this and went on and on for months. I was still crossdressing after she departed. Even though liked Crossdressing more than anything in my life, I wanted people to see me in female cloths and appreciate it. But that remained a Dream and I always felt a big emptiness encompassing me every time I cross dressed.

 I used to lock my female cloths in a cup board and remembered to take the key along with me everyday as my Girlfriend already had the duplicate key to enter my apartment as and when she liked.

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But one fine day, I forgot to take the key with me and when I returned home, she was sitting in the hall. After a warm kiss as always, we started talking. I felt a small difference in her mood and it didn't strike me at that time as I was still not aware that the key was left behind.

She left surprisingly early. When I saw my cup board with the keys on, I was a surprised and after I opened it my surprise turned into shock as I saw my cup board neatly arranged. Everything were in order. There was a feminine touch in the order I saw there. It was certainly not my style as I used to dump things over there. At that time I knew she saw everything and would have understood that I was a Crossdresser.

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Will this have any effect on our love affair ?
Will she come back again ?
Even if she comes back again, is it possible to be casual in our affair ?

Things are going to be changed from now on. How dramatic the changes would be, I did not know.
But I have to get prepared.
If she found the matter insulting and spells the finding to her friends or relatives my social standing and career would gone ?
I am not sure what I have to do ?
Waiting is the only thing I could do and I waited.
Till the next day waiting for her arrival.

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