Thursday, 2 October 2014

Collection of Indian Bras with Photos

 PrettySecrets Women's Push-up Bra
 Amante Women's Bra

I normally don't write about Indian products in this Blog because most of my readers are from US and Saudi Arabia. (I offer my sincere thanks to all those who have supported me)

But an interesting thing that caught my eyes recently, induced me to write this Blog about the Collection of Indian Bras with Photos.

Victoria's Secret is the largest retailer of Bras in US.

More than 15 % of the Bras sold in Victoria's Secret shops are manufactured in India.

Intimate Fashions, a Factory located near a city called Chennai in South India (Where I live) is contributing 10 % of Victoria's Secret.

Rest of the imports are coming from a small town in a Tamil Nadu state called Thiruppur.

It is obvious that the top international Brands are opting for out sourcing their products from India as labor cost  prevailing here is the cheapest when compared to other Nations.

 N-Gal Women's Stick On Bra
N-Girl Women's Stick on Bra

Induction of ISO 9001 and TPM methodologies in Indian manufacturing sector ensures good quality of products as desired by the Brand Owners.

The trend is not only with the Bras but also with other products like Mobiles, Cars, Bikes, Electronic items etc.
 Enamor Women's Bra
Enamor Women's Balconette Bra

In fact this trend has imparted a huge difference in the life style of the locals and have made lots of Millionaires in these regions.

Thiruppur is the place that produces largest number of Millionaires in India.

About 2 Billion Dollars worth of cloths are exported from this small town alone.

This small town has about 3000 Sewing Units, 1326 Knitting Units, 730 dyeing and related Units that contribute to this huge exports/

Most of the exporters are small contributors who cannot create a Brand and market them. Big international Brands are like a boon to them. They have grabbed the opportunity to and have grown very fast.  They not only contribute to the Indian economy but also generate big employment opportunities.

 PrettySecrets Women's Full Coverage Bra
The Inter National Companies  also lay certain conditions about the Salaries paid to the employees and the benefits that are to be distributed to them. To satisfy their international clients, these small companies are now providing good salary and employee benefits and also involve in Social Service activities to retain their Branded orders.
 Casual Bra
So Naturally this surge in Outsourcing had changed the life style of the locals and increased their standard of living.

I am trying to share some original Bras  made in India that are not Branded and sold in your countries as their own products. These are small companies manufacturing good quality Bras that are stylish, comfortable to wear and above all Cheap.
Check out the collection and voice your opinion.

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