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Guide to know all about Piercings

Piercing various parts of body and have them decorated with variety of jewelry have become really a craze for many people and the activity is gaining popularity day by day. Some of my readers have wondered why I have not written anything about piercing. So, now I am on that job for you all who love getting pierced and or see others doing it.

Why should one want to damage a body part and insert a foreign object that you say as jewelry ? You know very well that it is not natural. You are going against the Nature. It is painful and some piercings take months together to cure. But still we like piercing. Why ?

We always like to Violate :

Whether we openly admit or not everyone loves violating things - violating social norms, living style, routines, etc.etc. Violation gives an incredible satisfaction to multitudes but only as long as they are kept as secrets. Some out going characters like you and me come out in the open and boldly say that 'I have violated so and so rules and I am proud of that'. It requires a strong mental strength to admit one's inner passions and displaying out of ordinary things that we have done.

 The Filigree Nipple Rounder

Pleasures derived out of Piercings - My personal experiences :

I always had  sensitive Nipples. During fore plays I liked my nipples to be fondled. The sensation of it getting bigger in size is really enjoyable. Once it gets bigger in size, kinky thoughts enter my mind. I used to ask my Girl Friend to pinch my Nipples hard, pull them and I even tried tying my Nipples with a thread and asking her to pull it. It is really painful but I enjoyed that sensation.

I have always thought of getting my Nipples pierced but was afraid to get into action as piercing is not common with Males in India. As a part of me is also a female my craving to get my nipples pierced was ever increasing. On one fine day, I gathered all my courage and asked my Girl friend to pierce my Nipples.First she was reluctant but later she agreed to do that.

Remember we were living in a small town we didn't have any special tools to carry out the job with ease. We decided to use a stitching needle. She sterilized the needle in hot water and and wearing a medical gloves she started doing the thing that I was dreaming of doing  for a long time.

 The Filigree Nipple Rounder

The touch of the metal that was still hot sent shivers all over my body. She pressed it a bit hard. Still the needle has not penetrated, but I felt pain. She looked at me with a last expectation that I would decide not to go for this piercing. But I was adamant.

She pressed the needle harder. The entry of the needle into the outer skin of my nipple was the real painful experience I have ever had. When it traveled through the tissues violating the natural bondage prevailing there, I closed my eyes with tear welling up inside. I knew I should not cry in front of my Girl Friend, so I controlled myself.

The journey of that needle through my tissues was the most painful and ecstatic moment in my life and that too administered by my Girl friend. It was a crude method that I followed and I  will not advise any of you to try the same.

Ensure Safety before you get pierced :

Make sure that the tool used to pierce is well sterilized in front of you.
Make sure that the person who is piercing is wearing a gloves right from the beginning to the end.
If a marker is used to mark the specific portion that is going to be pierced, ensure that the Marker used is new and is thrown away immediately after you the marking is completed.

Types of Piercings and Ornaments to decorate them :
Ear lobe piercing is the most common and traditional piercing under practice for a very long time. It is the easiest and less risky one when done in a proper way. Do not go for piercing Guns or any other unconventional tools. Other places or all the places in your ear could be pierced depending upon your liking and fetish.

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