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Top 10 Kissing Tips to Excite your Partner

Kissing is deployed to express our sentiments that can vary from love to respect. It can be for greeting, showing peace, good luck or for devotion. But the term itself is more associated with Romance and Sexual arousal.

When we think of kisses the image that immediately get into our mind is a Girl and Boy kissing passionately. Kissing is a part of our life right from the time of birth to death. In fact a child gets more kisses than an adult. First kiss of every Human had always been the kiss received from loving Mother. There is nothing more beautiful and sacred than the kiss received from her. But as we grow we forget about that memorable kiss as sexual attraction overtakes the divinity.

We all love Kiss and love to get kissed. And that too if it comes from our beloved partner then it is something special and lingers our thought for a long time even after the moment had passed long back. But kissing can also become boring when it is administered monotonously and without passion.

In recent days there are lots of discoveries claiming that kissing is actually good for health and for many other things related to our life and well being.

Kissing burns Calories:

Kissing really burns Calories and by kissing we lose 26 Calories every time we kiss. If you want to reduce your weight you can go on kissing the entire day and check the results. I am not guaranteeing anything but I am sure you certainly would enjoy the act even if it does not result in weight reduction.

Kissing retains youthful look:

This seems to be a bit realistic to me. I have myself experienced a surge of glow in body and face that lasts for a long time. Being kissed by an younger Man or a Woman always gives you the feeling of elation that makes you feel younger. Remember, only your feelings make you or destroy you. Positive feelings help in making you more youthful and glamorous and kissing plays a great role in that.

Healthy Heart:

Kissing your partner is almost like kissing your own heart and making it happy. It increases the Heart beat that results in more blood getting pumped to various parts of your body. So, by kissing you are exercising your Heart and ensure that sufficient Blood is transported to various parts of our body.Kissing not only keeps your Heart Healthy but also refreshes your entire body.

Reduces Tension :

Though Kissing itself is a tensed up act, it in fact reduces your tension. You forget about what you have lost or what you have not achieved, because the sense of kissing is overwhelming and makes you relax and think over things again and get into a solution.

Kissing is good for your Teeth:

While you are kissing, excessive secretion of saliva can be observed. This cleans your mouth and teeth and even kills some of the harmful bacteria residing in your teeth.

Having said all this, I know that, this article will not be fully complimented if do nit list out the Top 10 kissing tips to excite your Partner..

Top 10 Kissing tips to excite your partner: 

1) Do not start kissing straightaway. Play with your fingers and let your partner's fingers play with yours and get warmed up for a healthy kissing session.

2) Hold the Head of your partner and kiss her forehead to start with. There are some Philosophical reasons for me to suggest this. Head is where the Brain is located that controls all our feelings. Holding the Head always gives a sense of protection and satisfaction to your partner. Forehead is where your third eye is located (as per Hindu mythology) and who knows by kissing there you might open the third and all knowing eye of your partner and makes you get closer to her.

3) Kiss the ear lobes. A bit of biting is also suggested as girls are sensitive in that region.

4) All your feelings get to your Brain through your spinal cord. In the back of your head, spine will take a small curve where it enters the head and get connected with Medula Oblangata - the actual messaging center of your body. Kissing in the back of your partners neck gives you a chance of getting closer to the control centers of your partner's body.

5) After kissing the ear lobes, you can slowly brush your lips down slowly and tenderly to reach the back of the neck and continue planting kisses for a while.

6) Do not let your hands go dumb with all these sensational feelings. Use your hands to track and trace the back, waist, hip and thighs to increase the flow of heat all over.

7) Alter the pressure of your kissing, just smack in some places, place your lips and remove instantly to concentrate on other areas.

8) Licking the sides of the Neck and Collar bones, corners of the eyes, upper and lower lips, help in creating an intimacy with your partner. Remember, not to kiss the lips at this stage.

9) Be slow and confident while you progress in your act. It is only your confidence that make your partner submit to you as you have always desired.

10) Now we get into the final and actual kissing act. Just place your lips on her lips and remove immediately. Look straight into her eyes. You can see her eagerness to get kissed and confusion why you have stopped doing that.

With a smile around the corner of your lips again touch her lips with passion and kiss gently. Let your tongue go freely inside her mouth. Keep your hands active by pressing, rubbing, tracing sensible parts of her body. She or he will always be yours.

Enjoy Kissing.
Enjoy life.
Bring life to your life by kissing.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

10 Undeniable Skin Facts Skinned out

When you say that you a seeing a girl, you are seeing only her skin wrapped around her physical form. When you touch a girl you are touching only her skin that gives you extreme pleasure - not only to you but the girl also melts down with the touch. Skin identifies your self, your race, your ethnicity and even your Sex.

Most of your physical experiences are limited to your skin and it is only the feelings that the skin generates makes your life enjoyable or miserable. Your only contact with the external World is Skin. Your interaction media with the World is also Skin.

Welcome to the World of Skin.

Let us Skin out some undeniable Skin Facts.

Skin Facts 1 - Protection :

Skin is the only protective barrier you have got that protects you from any external attacks. The attack could be from Sun, Cold, Bacteria, physical attacks from insects like mosquitoes, flies, physical attack from other animals or Humans etc. Without the skin you will be bared naked with all your tissues and muscles hanging out ready to be attacked by any force.

Skin Facts 2 - Sensation :

Skin is the most sensational organ in your body. If it is bestowed with some pleasure, it doesn't keep that to itself but generously transmits it to all your body parts.  Skin also transmits danger signals to your Brain in the form of pain and induces you to take corrective or preventive measures to combat dangers.

Skin Facts 3 - Thermal Balance :

Every Human in the World is maintaining a Body temperature around 99 degree F while the surrounding temperature varies approximately from 68 to 130 degree F. When the outside temperature exceeds our Body temperature, the Skin acts instantly to activate perspiration and the seat evaporates to cool down the body temperature. In reduced temperatures skin stops perspiration, secretes chemicals to increase the body temperature, stimulates shivering that makes your muscles warmer.

Skin facts 4 - Controls the Mass - Liquid Ratio :

Almost about 90 % of your body is made of fluid and mostly Water. This percentage is maintained throughout our life cycle by the Skin. It stops evaporation of bodily fluids and masking them and giving an inert cover that restricts evaporation loss of the fluids in your Body.

Skin Facts 5 - Visual appeal :

It creates a visual appeal and enhances your beauty. Skin reflects your feelings and let other know about what you feel and desire. Hence Skin is also your communication  media that lets you share things that you don't desire to express through words.

Skin facts 6 - Production :

Skin is the only part in your Body that has the capability to produce something from the cosmic energy that surrounds you. It synthesizes Sunlight and produces Vitamin D. It not only stores the Vitamins that it produces but also is a storage facility for Water in  your Body.

Skin facts 7 - Excretion :

By Sweating you are dispensing out certain portion of Urea in your Body. Even though a majority of Urea in our Body is removed through another source you know well, skin also takes part in that act which has a dual purpose. Sweating is a process deployed to balance your body and the room temperature, it also helps in removing some quantity of Urea,

Skin Facts 8 - Absorption :

Skin doesn't wait for the Blood to come and provide Oxygen. Due to it's proximity to the atmosphere, Skin absorbs the required Oxygen from the atmospheric air and uses it. It acts independently and sources it's requirement without troubling or disturbing your Body.

Skin Facts 9 - Resistance :

Water is considered a Universal Solvent. But we wash ourselves with Water every day and it does not result in loss of any minerals in our Body as the Skin resists water from penetrating the Skin. It does not allow the Water to stick to it or pass through that might cause severe damage.

Skin Facts 10 -  Defense :

Skin has it's own defense mechanism. Keratinocytes and Lymphocytes present in the Skin create an immune system that fights intrusions. Skin also hosts a vast Society of Bacteria. Approximately in one square inch space of our Skin 500 Million Bacteria thrive. The microorganisms present in the Skin keep one other in check and ensure Healthy Skin.

Skin care is one of the topics of Vital interest to us as taking care of your Skin means you are taking care of your own self. Showing a bit more of your Skin might be considered undiplomatic but knowing more about your Skin and Skin care is essential and also is a big Topic which we shall discuss in my next Blog.

If your interest is Philosophy Cosmic Absolute is the best place to land.

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Source of Information : Wikipedia

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Crossdressing before Girlfriend - Exploring Monalisa

My Crossdressing continued, while my attraction and involvement with my Girl Friend was also increasing day by day. My craze about going out in female dress never happened. I wanted at least someone to see and appreciate me when I was dressed. 

In my Blog, Love Story of a Crossdresser - Exploring Monalisa, I had shared the circumstances under which we first met and in my Blog - Love Story of a Crossdresser - Caught by Girl Friend, I had indicated how she found out my Crossdressing.

So I was very much eagerly waiting for her arrival on the day when I suspected that she would have found about my crossdressing. When she at last came, she was very casual, and didn't show openly that she knew the truth about me. But my guilty consciousness was killing me. 

I was wondering, What if she never asked me ?

If she knew but still wanted to continue the relationship she might think that I would be embarrassed which would prevent her from discussing the topic. I could not concentrate on what she was talking. My mind was in a turmoil.  I wanted the secret to be out in open and only then I would feel relieved. 

So, I opened the topic myself. I started saying that I have a dual personality. I always felt that a girl is residing inside me. To satisfy the Girl, I had to dress up occasionally as a female and this has been a secret for a long time and I wanted at least one person in the World to know that and I felt, If that one person could be she then I would be happy and hence I am exposing myself.

She listened intently, then held my hands with passion and said she brought a dress for that girl and she knew about her for a long time and didn't want to open the topic herself because she thought I might feel bad. After seeing the dresses in my cup board she decided to talk to me. She thought that I was not looking after the girl in a right manner and said that only a girl could understand the feelings of a girl.

So she hand picked a dress for that girl and so here she is with the dress.

I was shocked, relieved and also felt elated. She also said that my make-up sense was also bad that I would make that girl look miserable. I denied that completely and showed her some photos of me in  female dress. She immediately laughed and said that her doubt was confirmed.

She said the girl would look a lot better if she cared for her. I accepted the challenge and asked her to show her skills and there started my unforgettable experience.

She asked me to undress. Undressing was not new to me in front of her but now I felt odd. I normally used to hook up my Bra in  front side and rotate it around. I hope most of the girls follow the technique. But now there was no need for that. 

My sweet Heart was there to hoop up the Bra from backside. I sat in front of her wearing only panties and Bra. She brought the make-up kit and started applying foundation. The touch of her hand in my face was electrifying. 

Her dress sometimes touched my body. Few times, her boobs rubbed my shoulders. I was getting tempted. I wanted to hold her tightly in my hands and express how I loved her. But I knew I could not do that. Because I am myself becoming a female in the hands of a female. I have to be patient till the entire exercise is finished. 

A girl giving a girly touch to me. This is what I had dreamed my entire life. Now it is happening. After the make-up, she helped me wearing the in-skirt and then the blouse. With that I thought I would have some snaps. She agreed and in the meantime she said she would prepare coffee for me and went to the kitchen.

I took some snaps and when she returned, I had coffee as a girl in front of a girl. Then she helped me wearing a Saree. When everything was over the dam exploded. I pulled her roughly towards me. 

"Behave like a girl, you slut"

She snapped. I didn't expect this from her. When I stood confused in front of her. She touched my face, fondled my ears. She smiled and told, remember, you are girl now and as you are a girl, I have to pretend like a Male to make the evening memorable.

I nodded and waited for her to make the next move. She moved  her hands inside by Bra and held my already erect nipples firmly.

Then she pinched it hard. I was painful, I tried to take her hand off.  

"Do not ever try to touch my hand bitch. The consequences will be severe."

Immediately I removed my hand. She pinched my nipples even harder. I was squirming with pain. She did the same thing to my other nipple also.

Both my Nipples were burning with pain, I closed my eyes and imagined I am a slave standing in front of a Mistress and she is punishing me. It was an enjoyable thought. 

Then what ever things she did to me and made me do can make a complete Novel. But in my next Blog I will try to share a few acts.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Guide to know all about Piercings

Piercing various parts of body and have them decorated with variety of jewelry have become really a craze for many people and the activity is gaining popularity day by day. Some of my readers have wondered why I have not written anything about piercing. So, now I am on that job for you all who love getting pierced and or see others doing it.

Why should one want to damage a body part and insert a foreign object that you say as jewelry ? You know very well that it is not natural. You are going against the Nature. It is painful and some piercings take months together to cure. But still we like piercing. Why ?

We always like to Violate :

Whether we openly admit or not everyone loves violating things - violating social norms, living style, routines, etc.etc. Violation gives an incredible satisfaction to multitudes but only as long as they are kept as secrets. Some out going characters like you and me come out in the open and boldly say that 'I have violated so and so rules and I am proud of that'. It requires a strong mental strength to admit one's inner passions and displaying out of ordinary things that we have done.

 The Filigree Nipple Rounder

Pleasures derived out of Piercings - My personal experiences :

I always had  sensitive Nipples. During fore plays I liked my nipples to be fondled. The sensation of it getting bigger in size is really enjoyable. Once it gets bigger in size, kinky thoughts enter my mind. I used to ask my Girl Friend to pinch my Nipples hard, pull them and I even tried tying my Nipples with a thread and asking her to pull it. It is really painful but I enjoyed that sensation.

I have always thought of getting my Nipples pierced but was afraid to get into action as piercing is not common with Males in India. As a part of me is also a female my craving to get my nipples pierced was ever increasing. On one fine day, I gathered all my courage and asked my Girl friend to pierce my Nipples.First she was reluctant but later she agreed to do that.

Remember we were living in a small town we didn't have any special tools to carry out the job with ease. We decided to use a stitching needle. She sterilized the needle in hot water and and wearing a medical gloves she started doing the thing that I was dreaming of doing  for a long time.

 The Filigree Nipple Rounder

The touch of the metal that was still hot sent shivers all over my body. She pressed it a bit hard. Still the needle has not penetrated, but I felt pain. She looked at me with a last expectation that I would decide not to go for this piercing. But I was adamant.

She pressed the needle harder. The entry of the needle into the outer skin of my nipple was the real painful experience I have ever had. When it traveled through the tissues violating the natural bondage prevailing there, I closed my eyes with tear welling up inside. I knew I should not cry in front of my Girl Friend, so I controlled myself.

The journey of that needle through my tissues was the most painful and ecstatic moment in my life and that too administered by my Girl friend. It was a crude method that I followed and I  will not advise any of you to try the same.

Ensure Safety before you get pierced :

Make sure that the tool used to pierce is well sterilized in front of you.
Make sure that the person who is piercing is wearing a gloves right from the beginning to the end.
If a marker is used to mark the specific portion that is going to be pierced, ensure that the Marker used is new and is thrown away immediately after you the marking is completed.

Types of Piercings and Ornaments to decorate them :
Ear lobe piercing is the most common and traditional piercing under practice for a very long time. It is the easiest and less risky one when done in a proper way. Do not go for piercing Guns or any other unconventional tools. Other places or all the places in your ear could be pierced depending upon your liking and fetish.

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Collection of Indian Bras with Photos

 PrettySecrets Women's Push-up Bra
 Amante Women's Bra

I normally don't write about Indian products in this Blog because most of my readers are from US and Saudi Arabia. (I offer my sincere thanks to all those who have supported me)

But an interesting thing that caught my eyes recently, induced me to write this Blog about the Collection of Indian Bras with Photos.

Victoria's Secret is the largest retailer of Bras in US.

More than 15 % of the Bras sold in Victoria's Secret shops are manufactured in India.

Intimate Fashions, a Factory located near a city called Chennai in South India (Where I live) is contributing 10 % of Victoria's Secret.

Rest of the imports are coming from a small town in a Tamil Nadu state called Thiruppur.

It is obvious that the top international Brands are opting for out sourcing their products from India as labor cost  prevailing here is the cheapest when compared to other Nations.

 N-Gal Women's Stick On Bra
N-Girl Women's Stick on Bra

Induction of ISO 9001 and TPM methodologies in Indian manufacturing sector ensures good quality of products as desired by the Brand Owners.

The trend is not only with the Bras but also with other products like Mobiles, Cars, Bikes, Electronic items etc.
 Enamor Women's Bra
Enamor Women's Balconette Bra

In fact this trend has imparted a huge difference in the life style of the locals and have made lots of Millionaires in these regions.

Thiruppur is the place that produces largest number of Millionaires in India.

About 2 Billion Dollars worth of cloths are exported from this small town alone.

This small town has about 3000 Sewing Units, 1326 Knitting Units, 730 dyeing and related Units that contribute to this huge exports/

Most of the exporters are small contributors who cannot create a Brand and market them. Big international Brands are like a boon to them. They have grabbed the opportunity to and have grown very fast.  They not only contribute to the Indian economy but also generate big employment opportunities.

 PrettySecrets Women's Full Coverage Bra
The Inter National Companies  also lay certain conditions about the Salaries paid to the employees and the benefits that are to be distributed to them. To satisfy their international clients, these small companies are now providing good salary and employee benefits and also involve in Social Service activities to retain their Branded orders.
 Casual Bra
So Naturally this surge in Outsourcing had changed the life style of the locals and increased their standard of living.

I am trying to share some original Bras  made in India that are not Branded and sold in your countries as their own products. These are small companies manufacturing good quality Bras that are stylish, comfortable to wear and above all Cheap.
Check out the collection and voice your opinion.

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 Triumph Triaction 36 P Women's Sports Bra
 Triumph T-Shirt Bra 35 WHPD Women's Bra

 Triumph Fashion 14 W Women's Full Coverage Bra Prestitia Women's Bra PrettySecrets Women's T-Shirt, Push-up Bra Triumph Minimizer 52 N Women's Minimizer Bra