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Nipple Piercing – An A to Z Tutorial

After writing an article about Piercing in general in my Blogspot , I felt it would be helpful for my readers to explain each and every piercing in detail so that girls or boys would get benefited by that. In this post let us discuss about just Nipple piercings alone.

Whether other piercings give pleasure or not, in my personal experience Nipple piercing is really an enjoyable act not to consider the initial pain and the dis-comfort you experience during the healing process. 

Advantages of getting your Nipples Pierced :

  • Having your Nipples pierced and decorated with Jewelry adds beauty to your already beautiful Boobs.
  • Sensitivity of your Nipples increase with piercing giving you extreme pleasures when fondled  by you or your partner.
  • Avoids inverting of Nipples.
  • In some cases the Nipple size gets enlarged by Piercing.

Dis-advantages of Nipple Piercing :

  • Nipple Piercing is painful during the piercing process and the surface curing takes 8 to 10 weeks and complete curing might take 10 to 12 months.
  • If you are a Girl, you cannot show around your recent Nipple Piercing openly as it is considered against law and social norms and also considered an un-diplomatic act. 
  • It is really bad that you cannot show your most beautiful body part with the added beauty of piercings and decorations and we have to live up with that.
  • Infected Nipple piercings are dangerous for Milk feeding Mothers.

Decisions to make before getting Pierced :

  • The most important decision that you have to take first is whether to go for Nipple Piercing or not. Consider the Pros and Cons I have listed above and decide whether you really want to go for it. 
  • Also think about your partner as we do not want your serious relationship getting spoiled by Nipple Piercing.
  • Decide which Piercing Parlor is more safe and comfortable for you.
  • Visit the Parlor once before you do the actual Piercing, to know about the environment and the people engaged in the job.
  • Talk with some of their customers and get their satisfaction levels.
  • Try to browse through some the photographs of their earlier works and get satisfied for yourself. 
  • Decide whether you want to get one or both of your Nipples pierced. Getting both your Nipples Pierced at the same time is advised if your intention is to enlarge the Nipples.
  • Decide what you want - a Horizontal Piercing or Vertical. Horizontal piercings are most common.
  • Decide how you would like to decorate your Piercing - Ring or Barbell.

Things to watch and ensure during Nipple Piercing:

  • Ensure that all the tools used for the purpose are sterilized properly in front of you. 
  • Ensure that the Piercer is using a new and fresh gloves.
  • After wearing the Gloves the Piercer should touch only the tools and your body. He should not touch any other object or person during the Piercing Process.

Things to do after getting your Nipples Pierced :

  • After about four or five hours soak the pierced place in fresh water for a couple of minutes. 
  • If you find any dried blood in that portion wipe it out gently with a dampened q-tip.
  • Do not use any cleaning liquids during the initial cleaning.

For the first four weeks :

  • Everyday you have to soak the Nipple Piercing for about 2 to 3 minutes, then apply a couple of drops of some Mild Anti-Bacterial Cleanser. Make it lather over the entire portion and gently try to rotate the jewelry in the piercing.
  • Let the lather remain on the pierced spot for 2 to 3 Minutes and rinse it out with fresh water. Then dry it properly with a fresh paper Towel, Used Towels might contain Bacteria that might infect your piercing. - so be careful.After the initial four weeks you can alter the frequency of cleaning to once in 2 to 3 days.

Cleaning with Saline Water :

  • During this period you can soak and wash the pierced area with Saline Water. Saline Water could be obtained from any Medical Store.
  • Keep the Nipples immersed in Saline water for about 120 to 15 Minutes and then rinse with fresh water. Then dry the portion as explained above.

General rules :

  • It would be tempting you a lot to fondle or turn the jewel around. Avoid doing this for the first 3 to 4 Months. 
  • Be careful while sleeping and playing not to disturb the pierced portion. If required you can use surgical tape or bandage to cover the portion.
  • Do not remove the Barbell or the Ring during the initial months (4 Months)
  • If you find any sign of infection see your Doctor immediately.
  • Get your Nipples Pierced and enjoy the intricate sensations but do that safely.

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