Sunday, 28 September 2014

Why being Nude is considered Rude ?

I have never seen a Baby born with clothes. I have never seen any animal wearing clothes. I have never seen an animal feeling guilty about their nudity and trying to cover their Private parts. It is natural to be Nude but we have chosen an unnatural way of living that says that being Nude is Rude or Crude. Is it really so ?

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Protection from Weather :

Protection from Weather is the first and foremost reason why Clothes came into existence in our Life. Then, Why a Polar Bear that lives in a climate that is extremely cold, not wearing a sweater ? Why a Lion that is living in a Tropical belt not wearing a Bikini and take Sun Bath to get it's Skin tanned ? They find it absolutely comfortable with their Nudity and seem to be self protected. Then why the necessity of clothes are Unique to us.

Those animals are born in a particular Climatic condition and their body is well tuned to resist and adopt to the conditions prevailing there. They do not face the extremity of Climatic conditions as they do not navigate to places not suitable for their body conditions.

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But we are more ambitious than those animals and so we travel from one place to another simply not caring about the Climatic condition. We have devised artificial methods to combat the changes that do not suit our body conditions. In short we can say that we are more concerned about conquering the Nature and never try to live along with it in a Style it dictates. As we have changed our living Style and standards quite often Nature is not given sufficient time to change our body conditions to suit the environment we live in.
A we ignored the Nature, Nature now ignores us in setting up a natural ability to combat the Climatic conditions.
So, Select Clothes that suit your Climatic conditions as it is your Body and it is your responsibility to protect it.

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Protection from Hazardous activities :

Animals do not engage in Hazardous activities but we do. From basic cooking to Work place hazards we indulge ourselves in activities that might harm our Body. So we started designing clothes to suit the hazards we are involved in.

Clothes act as a barrier between your skin and the environment. So select your clothes that suit your activity and the environment.

What are the Private Parts of our Body and Why do we try to cover it even in circumstances where it is not warranted.

Culture and Social barriers have put some restrictions on us that prevent us from roaming naked even in places that are humid and Hot. Why is it so ?

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Animals do not have a purpose or Goal in their life. They are driven throughout their life by hunger for food and Sex. Food protects life and Sex or reproduction sustains life. These are the two basic laws of Nature. If they want food they eat and if they want Sex they get it. It is as simple as that.

But our life is not so simple. We have a purpose in life and have set goals to achieve them. We do not want to get distracted and deviated from those targets. By the law of Nature, a male and a female are attracted to each other and the sole purpose of this attraction is to induce them to get involved in Sexual intercourse to fulfill the Grand Nature's Law of Reproduction.

So it was thought that covering the Private parts that stimulate Sexual feelings would reduce the attraction between a male and female. Though the thought by itself is noble, I find it absurd as I feel only when something is covered, the anxiety to see it grows. As the anxiety grows  we try break the barrier to peek into the hidden secrets. Most of the Sexual crimes are the result of this desire and anxiety which has driven many Men and Women crazy.

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Now as the barrier is laid and the Culture is induced we are bound to wear clothes even if they are not required in some situations. So why not at least we plan to wear clothes that suit our personality, work place or the environment.

Physical Structure of the animals are almost similar in one specified environment. If you take a herd of Elephants, you cannot differentiate them as lean, fat, ugly or beautiful but they all would look similar. But in our case we differ in Color, Size, Bulk, facial features, Bone structures etc., and knowing that we are bound by the Laws not of Nature but of Society, We have to choose a dress that suits all our requirements and also that of Society's.

Knowingly and unknowingly we are drawn into this system and Why shouldn't we be a bit more Stylish and Fashionable.

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