Thursday, 11 September 2014

9 / 11 - Remembering the day with tears

No one who wants a peaceful life could forget this particular day.
09 /11 - The day written in History books with words bordered with blood, vengeance and hatred.  The day saw multitudes of innocents and rescue teams dying, that laid the foundation for a war against terrorism.

Though I am not an US citizen, I think, as a Human, could share my deep condolences to the relatives and friends of the deceased.
Not only the common man but lots and lots of rescue staff lost their life on that fateful day. Some statistics I saw in Wikipedia made me cry for those innocent people who died unaware that death is going to embrace them just like that because of some fanatics.

Total People killed on that day - 2977

This number includes

  • 341 firefighters and 2 paramedics from the New York City Fire department
  • 37 Police officers from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Department.
  • 23 Police Officers from New York City Police Department
  • 8 Emergency Medical Technicians and paramedic from private hospitals
  • 3 Now York state court officials.

They did not just stand and watch people dying in front of them They dived into the fire of death trying to save their fellow Humans. Their names are now written in the books of Humanity in Golden letters. Remembering them at this time floods our eyes with tears but their bravery and sacrifice are unmatched and each and every individual will remain in the hearts of peace loving people for ever.

The day saw the brutality if religious fanaticism in it's full force that not only killed people but also had imparted repairable damage to health for thousands.

About 18000 people developed illness  in the surrounding areas due to the effect of Toxic dust created because of this disaster.A study of rescue workers that was released in the year 2010 revealed that almost all those who were involved the rescue operation had impaired lung function.

Could a sane man order the deaths of so many people and the calamities that followed just in the name of God and religion ?

We are in the advanced state of civilization and our science is in it's zenith and then how such a religious atrocity be committed. Humanity as a whole received a harsh beating on that day leaving people like me thinking whether truth and peace would survive. Be it a meteorite attack or attack of Aliens or attack of terrorists we have always looked upon US as a savior to come up to the front, take the leadership and   fight for the good cause. Because that is the only country which has the  resources, power, freedom to act and above all faith in humanity.

True to our belief, almost all those who are responsible for the attack were eliminated, eliminating our fear that the world is inching towards it's own destruction. Thanks to the collective strength of all the US citizens and their leadership.

Life is the most precious thing in the world as that is the one that we could not create so far. If creation of life is not possible, then who gives some people the right to destroy it. Human life is not a commodity that could be created or produced and destroyed at will. No one has the right over another Human's life. No religion in the world has preached about killing a life for the sake of religion.

But if you turn the pages of history, you could see lots of wars fought for the sake of religion and millions of people dying for the cause they considered religious. How the Almighty God who had the power to create the Universe and the life could order us to kill others for his sake ?

Poor understanding of the religious books, wrong guidance from the so called religious leaders have time and again resulted in incidents similar to 9 / 11

I remember one philosopher (I am sorry I could not remember his name) telling that "A Man would kill another with pleasure only if the act is religious'. If not for the religious fanaticism, even the worst killer in the world would have at least a small feeling for the Man whom he is killing.  Such is the impact of religion in Human Mind.

Why not an Human Religion be created that would be universal and followed by each and every Human in the World ?

Let Blood run inside our body and not outside.

Let us run the world not with blood and fear but with peace, love and humanity.

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