Saturday, 23 August 2014

My Second outing with Transgenders at the cost of my entire earnings

After completing my first outing with Indian Trans genders which didn’t end up with me going out in female dress, I again went there the next week. This second visit provided me with a chance to go out in female dress but for a short time but the price I paid for that was so huge that I almost fainted.
The second time, she asked me to come to a different place saying that she would be able to introduce lots of like-minded people there. True to her words there were lots of transgenders living there. First I was introduced and I found transgenders with different colours, shapes and ethnicity. There was only one Male there and he looked like a gigolo wearing lots of jewellery.
Without wasting any time they started dressing me up. Once dressed I felt elated as usual. One of the transgenders suggested that the moment calls for a bit of partying and I financed for their drinks. I also had a few rounds of Whiskey. One girl started loud rocking music and some of them started dancing. While I was watching them dance to the tune of the music, one girl invited me to dance. I was reluctant a bit as I had never danced before but on insistence I joined her.
She asked me to just watch her move and follow the movement with my legs. I did exactly what she told be and when she increased the tempo – believe me I was really dancing like a female. As a male he raise my hand and rotated and swung around. I felt like a puppet and I liked it.
When everyone got tired we had dinner that was financed by me. I was still waiting for the moment when they would ask me to come out for a stroll. But that never happened and one by one, all the girls were preparing to go for sleep as most of them were in full booze, I could not insist them to take me out.
The girl with whom I danced came to me and said that my bed was ready and I can go to sleep. They have given me a separate room and I felt the loneliness again, in female dress, unappreciated. I called the girl again and asked her to sleep beside me not for any ulterior motivation but I needed the comfort of a being at that time.
She said she had no problem sleeping with me but as a professional she cannot do that without taking money. I said I was prepared to pay money but since all my hard cash got exhausted while spending for the liquor and food, I had very little cash on hand and that I would pay the next day morning after I withdrew money from ATM. She said, if I am really interested I can do that even then and offered to give company to the nearest ATM which was about half a kilometre away from that place.
The idea of going out in the middle of night that too with another transgender really appealed to me. So I agreed and we, along with one more girl started walking out.
The street was deserted. Occasional bikes that were passing by, slowed down to have a good look at us and glided past. I was simply flying high. When we reached the ATM, I entered the cubicle and the girl also entered with me. I thought of asking her to wait outside, but I didn’t.
I took the money, walked back to the house and went to sleep. Because of the excitement and the tiredness I slept immediately. I slept like a female and woke up as a female. I was happy and this is the life I had always wanted to lead.
One of the girls prepared coffee and asked if I preferred to have breakfast there. I politely refused and after drinking the hot coffee, undressed, removed the make-up and started my long journey back to my place. I would have travelled in a public Bus which was cheaper but I called a taxi instead because I wanted to sit back, relax and recollect all the previous day’s events.
I also asked the driver to stop in some ATM on the way to take some cash as I didn’t have any to pay for the taxi also. After some time the taxi stopped in an ATM. I went inside and the biggest shock I ever had in my life was waiting there to scare me to death.
All the money in my account was withdrawn. I could not believe it at first. Again I tried, but the same statement appeared. Then it dawned to me that after I slept the girl or girls would have taken the ATM card from my pocket and withdrawn all the money and replaced the

card back in my pocket.
My situation was pathetic. I didn’t have money to pay for the taxi even. I thought of going back to the place and try to get the money back. But, my inner mind told me that I cannot do anything like that because that was a secret mission and I cannot get the help of police as the question of why I was here would arise for which I have no good answer.
So, I came back from the ATM and while travelling to my home, I called my girlfriend and asked her to meet me in front of my house with some money. She came with money and I paid the taxi driver and the episode ended here.
Oh….I revealed another secret while narrating one here …..My Girlfriend…..whom I loved with all my heart….I was prepared to put my entire life at risk for her sake.
In fact I lost my job, career, car, entire house hold things and my dignity, respect everything not to get that girl but to leave her.

That is an interesting story with a bad ending. Let me blog it next.
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