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Top 10 Kissing Tips to Excite your Partner

Kissing is deployed to express our sentiments that can vary from love to respect. It can be for greeting, showing peace, good luck or for devotion. But the term itself is more associated with Romance and Sexual arousal.

When we think of kisses the image that immediately get into our mind is a Girl and Boy kissing passionately. Kissing is a part of our life right from the time of birth to death. In fact a child gets more kisses than an adult. First kiss of every Human had always been the kiss received from loving Mother. There is nothing more beautiful and sacred than the kiss received from her. But as we grow we forget about that memorable kiss as sexual attraction overtakes the divinity.

We all love Kiss and love to get kissed. And that too if it comes from our beloved partner then it is something special and lingers our thought for a long time even after the moment had passed long back. But kissing can also become boring when it is administered monotonously and without passion.

In recent days there are lots of discoveries claiming that kissing is actually good for health and for many other things related to our life and well being.

Kissing burns Calories:

Kissing really burns Calories and by kissing we lose 26 Calories every time we kiss. If you want to reduce your weight you can go on kissing the entire day and check the results. I am not guaranteeing anything but I am sure you certainly would enjoy the act even if it does not result in weight reduction.

Kissing retains youthful look:

This seems to be a bit realistic to me. I have myself experienced a surge of glow in body and face that lasts for a long time. Being kissed by an younger Man or a Woman always gives you the feeling of elation that makes you feel younger. Remember, only your feelings make you or destroy you. Positive feelings help in making you more youthful and glamorous and kissing plays a great role in that.

Healthy Heart:

Kissing your partner is almost like kissing your own heart and making it happy. It increases the Heart beat that results in more blood getting pumped to various parts of your body. So, by kissing you are exercising your Heart and ensure that sufficient Blood is transported to various parts of our body.Kissing not only keeps your Heart Healthy but also refreshes your entire body.

Reduces Tension :

Though Kissing itself is a tensed up act, it in fact reduces your tension. You forget about what you have lost or what you have not achieved, because the sense of kissing is overwhelming and makes you relax and think over things again and get into a solution.

Kissing is good for your Teeth:

While you are kissing, excessive secretion of saliva can be observed. This cleans your mouth and teeth and even kills some of the harmful bacteria residing in your teeth.

Having said all this, I know that, this article will not be fully complimented if do nit list out the Top 10 kissing tips to excite your Partner..

Top 10 Kissing tips to excite your partner: 

1) Do not start kissing straightaway. Play with your fingers and let your partner's fingers play with yours and get warmed up for a healthy kissing session.

2) Hold the Head of your partner and kiss her forehead to start with. There are some Philosophical reasons for me to suggest this. Head is where the Brain is located that controls all our feelings. Holding the Head always gives a sense of protection and satisfaction to your partner. Forehead is where your third eye is located (as per Hindu mythology) and who knows by kissing there you might open the third and all knowing eye of your partner and makes you get closer to her.

3) Kiss the ear lobes. A bit of biting is also suggested as girls are sensitive in that region.

4) All your feelings get to your Brain through your spinal cord. In the back of your head, spine will take a small curve where it enters the head and get connected with Medula Oblangata - the actual messaging center of your body. Kissing in the back of your partners neck gives you a chance of getting closer to the control centers of your partner's body.

5) After kissing the ear lobes, you can slowly brush your lips down slowly and tenderly to reach the back of the neck and continue planting kisses for a while.

6) Do not let your hands go dumb with all these sensational feelings. Use your hands to track and trace the back, waist, hip and thighs to increase the flow of heat all over.

7) Alter the pressure of your kissing, just smack in some places, place your lips and remove instantly to concentrate on other areas.

8) Licking the sides of the Neck and Collar bones, corners of the eyes, upper and lower lips, help in creating an intimacy with your partner. Remember, not to kiss the lips at this stage.

9) Be slow and confident while you progress in your act. It is only your confidence that make your partner submit to you as you have always desired.

10) Now we get into the final and actual kissing act. Just place your lips on her lips and remove immediately. Look straight into her eyes. You can see her eagerness to get kissed and confusion why you have stopped doing that.

With a smile around the corner of your lips again touch her lips with passion and kiss gently. Let your tongue go freely inside her mouth. Keep your hands active by pressing, rubbing, tracing sensible parts of her body. She or he will always be yours.

Enjoy Kissing.
Enjoy life.
Bring life to your life by kissing.

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