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10 Undeniable Skin Facts Skinned out

When you say that you a seeing a girl, you are seeing only her skin wrapped around her physical form. When you touch a girl you are touching only her skin that gives you extreme pleasure - not only to you but the girl also melts down with the touch. Skin identifies your self, your race, your ethnicity and even your Sex.

Most of your physical experiences are limited to your skin and it is only the feelings that the skin generates makes your life enjoyable or miserable. Your only contact with the external World is Skin. Your interaction media with the World is also Skin.

Welcome to the World of Skin.

Let us Skin out some undeniable Skin Facts.

Skin Facts 1 - Protection :

Skin is the only protective barrier you have got that protects you from any external attacks. The attack could be from Sun, Cold, Bacteria, physical attacks from insects like mosquitoes, flies, physical attack from other animals or Humans etc. Without the skin you will be bared naked with all your tissues and muscles hanging out ready to be attacked by any force.

Skin Facts 2 - Sensation :

Skin is the most sensational organ in your body. If it is bestowed with some pleasure, it doesn't keep that to itself but generously transmits it to all your body parts.  Skin also transmits danger signals to your Brain in the form of pain and induces you to take corrective or preventive measures to combat dangers.

Skin Facts 3 - Thermal Balance :

Every Human in the World is maintaining a Body temperature around 99 degree F while the surrounding temperature varies approximately from 68 to 130 degree F. When the outside temperature exceeds our Body temperature, the Skin acts instantly to activate perspiration and the seat evaporates to cool down the body temperature. In reduced temperatures skin stops perspiration, secretes chemicals to increase the body temperature, stimulates shivering that makes your muscles warmer.

Skin facts 4 - Controls the Mass - Liquid Ratio :

Almost about 90 % of your body is made of fluid and mostly Water. This percentage is maintained throughout our life cycle by the Skin. It stops evaporation of bodily fluids and masking them and giving an inert cover that restricts evaporation loss of the fluids in your Body.

Skin Facts 5 - Visual appeal :

It creates a visual appeal and enhances your beauty. Skin reflects your feelings and let other know about what you feel and desire. Hence Skin is also your communication  media that lets you share things that you don't desire to express through words.

Skin facts 6 - Production :

Skin is the only part in your Body that has the capability to produce something from the cosmic energy that surrounds you. It synthesizes Sunlight and produces Vitamin D. It not only stores the Vitamins that it produces but also is a storage facility for Water in  your Body.

Skin facts 7 - Excretion :

By Sweating you are dispensing out certain portion of Urea in your Body. Even though a majority of Urea in our Body is removed through another source you know well, skin also takes part in that act which has a dual purpose. Sweating is a process deployed to balance your body and the room temperature, it also helps in removing some quantity of Urea,

Skin Facts 8 - Absorption :

Skin doesn't wait for the Blood to come and provide Oxygen. Due to it's proximity to the atmosphere, Skin absorbs the required Oxygen from the atmospheric air and uses it. It acts independently and sources it's requirement without troubling or disturbing your Body.

Skin Facts 9 - Resistance :

Water is considered a Universal Solvent. But we wash ourselves with Water every day and it does not result in loss of any minerals in our Body as the Skin resists water from penetrating the Skin. It does not allow the Water to stick to it or pass through that might cause severe damage.

Skin Facts 10 -  Defense :

Skin has it's own defense mechanism. Keratinocytes and Lymphocytes present in the Skin create an immune system that fights intrusions. Skin also hosts a vast Society of Bacteria. Approximately in one square inch space of our Skin 500 Million Bacteria thrive. The microorganisms present in the Skin keep one other in check and ensure Healthy Skin.

Skin care is one of the topics of Vital interest to us as taking care of your Skin means you are taking care of your own self. Showing a bit more of your Skin might be considered undiplomatic but knowing more about your Skin and Skin care is essential and also is a big Topic which we shall discuss in my next Blog.

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Source of Information : Wikipedia

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