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10 Tips for dating a Doctor Successfully

Doctors are powerful in their own way. If controlling any one or all the aspects of another being is considered as a source of power, Doctors possess that in plenty, as they control the lives of many individuals. Doctors command good social respect. To take control of the emotions of such a powerful guy or girl is sure to make one feel great and satisfied.
Having said that, I must also admit, it is not an easy task as Doctors belong to a unique league of personalities and it requires lots of understanding, patience and sacrifice for dating a Doctor. Here are the 10 tips for dating a Doctor successfully.

1. Take a firm decision:

Power, Social status, authority over others are sure tempting enough but not sufficient to take a decision to date a Doctor or not. Imagine what he is or would be when you strip off all his professional achievements. If that bare self attracts you, then you are in the game.

2. Do not be firm on timings:

Relax your rigid timing sense if you want to successfully date a Doctor. One thing that a Doctor may not possibly be able to maintain is timing. Do not blame him for that as his profession warrants flexible timing. You need to go along with that by re adjusting your own timing to accommodate him.

3. Emotional Involvement:

Doctors tend to get emotionally involved with their patients. Do not get emotional and envy that person as it is quite normal and would pass away in time when the next emotional patient arrives. Remember, you are the one who is going to stay for ever and be contended.

4. Beware – Disturbance ahead:

Doctors normally are in duty round the clock and a fixed work hour doesn’t at all suit them. Call for duty might come at any time, in the middle of a dinner, while on an interesting conversation or even while you are in bed together. Such disturbances are going to come any time and could be repetitive even. You will have to consider them as normal and build an appetite to digest those disappointments.

5. Lonely Nights:

Just get used to some lonely days and nights. Sometimes those endless nights might frighten you, but get solaced by the fact that the time you sacrificed is saving another life or soul. Get accustomed to loneliness as this might haunt you a lot while dating a doctor.

6. Significance not significant:

Remember, for a Doctor, you always come second while primary interest will be the Patient. When it gets into a row of whether you or the girl next door who is his patient, beware, your partner is going to visit the next door overlooking your presence. Understand that the girl next door is more significant than you as she is his patient and a Doctor’s first choice will be that.

7. Intellectual conflict:

Nowadays, by a single click you can get access to any expert opinion and become knowledgeable in no time, if you have interest. Out of over enthusiasm, do not try to outsmart your Doctor Partner through knowledge gathered from Net. Doctors are over sensitive and passionate about their profession. Healthy discussion is always welcome but make sure that it does not end up in a personality clash.

8. Get Social:

Sitting alone in the home just watching TV might have a negative impact on your psychology and such circumstances are unavoidable if are dating a Doctor. Cultivate the habit of visiting friends and attending functions alone. When you are in company and when you proudly pronounce why you are alone there, would not only boost your attraction towards your partner but also would command respect from others.

9. Find your own Doctor:

Do not think that by dating a Doctor, you get access to 24 x 7 free medical care. It is good if you discuss your medical issues with your partner as an expert but get yourself treated by another Doctor. Do not try to compare your partner with the Doctor you are seeing. Doctors are different in their approaches and styles and they are unique.

10. Do not just be a Physical Object:

Doctors see Human body in various form, shape, position and size than others do. Doctors might have a temptation to see not only the outer shape but the blood and tissues beneath a Human body. Try not to attract a Doctor just by physical appeal. Believe me, he would have seen much better shows several times. Get closer to him by revealing the dark secrets of your heart. Only your mind and heart could win a Doctor for you.

Doctor’s profession is a noble one. They give life, save life. They sustain life. Enter into a dating with a Doctor only when you are really serious about it. You have to be prepared to face all the consequences as explained above if you are dating a Doctor. Even if you think that you cannot adhere to one single point listed above, just drop the plan of dating a Doctor.

Breaking a relationship is horrible and would be more disastrous in the case of a Doctor as it involves other lives also. Enjoy dating a Doctor if you really want to.

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