Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Crossdressing before Girlfriend - Exploring Monalisa

My Crossdressing continued, while my attraction and involvement with my Girl Friend was also increasing day by day. My craze about going out in female dress never happened. I wanted at least someone to see and appreciate me when I was dressed. 

In my Blog, Love Story of a Crossdresser - Exploring Monalisa, I had shared the circumstances under which we first met and in my Blog - Love Story of a Crossdresser - Caught by Girl Friend, I had indicated how she found out my Crossdressing.

So I was very much eagerly waiting for her arrival on the day when I suspected that she would have found about my crossdressing. When she at last came, she was very casual, and didn't show openly that she knew the truth about me. But my guilty consciousness was killing me. 

I was wondering, What if she never asked me ?

If she knew but still wanted to continue the relationship she might think that I would be embarrassed which would prevent her from discussing the topic. I could not concentrate on what she was talking. My mind was in a turmoil.  I wanted the secret to be out in open and only then I would feel relieved. 

So, I opened the topic myself. I started saying that I have a dual personality. I always felt that a girl is residing inside me. To satisfy the Girl, I had to dress up occasionally as a female and this has been a secret for a long time and I wanted at least one person in the World to know that and I felt, If that one person could be she then I would be happy and hence I am exposing myself.

She listened intently, then held my hands with passion and said she brought a dress for that girl and she knew about her for a long time and didn't want to open the topic herself because she thought I might feel bad. After seeing the dresses in my cup board she decided to talk to me. She thought that I was not looking after the girl in a right manner and said that only a girl could understand the feelings of a girl.

So she hand picked a dress for that girl and so here she is with the dress.

I was shocked, relieved and also felt elated. She also said that my make-up sense was also bad that I would make that girl look miserable. I denied that completely and showed her some photos of me in  female dress. She immediately laughed and said that her doubt was confirmed.

She said the girl would look a lot better if she cared for her. I accepted the challenge and asked her to show her skills and there started my unforgettable experience.

She asked me to undress. Undressing was not new to me in front of her but now I felt odd. I normally used to hook up my Bra in  front side and rotate it around. I hope most of the girls follow the technique. But now there was no need for that. 

My sweet Heart was there to hoop up the Bra from backside. I sat in front of her wearing only panties and Bra. She brought the make-up kit and started applying foundation. The touch of her hand in my face was electrifying. 

Her dress sometimes touched my body. Few times, her boobs rubbed my shoulders. I was getting tempted. I wanted to hold her tightly in my hands and express how I loved her. But I knew I could not do that. Because I am myself becoming a female in the hands of a female. I have to be patient till the entire exercise is finished. 

A girl giving a girly touch to me. This is what I had dreamed my entire life. Now it is happening. After the make-up, she helped me wearing the in-skirt and then the blouse. With that I thought I would have some snaps. She agreed and in the meantime she said she would prepare coffee for me and went to the kitchen.

I took some snaps and when she returned, I had coffee as a girl in front of a girl. Then she helped me wearing a Saree. When everything was over the dam exploded. I pulled her roughly towards me. 

"Behave like a girl, you slut"

She snapped. I didn't expect this from her. When I stood confused in front of her. She touched my face, fondled my ears. She smiled and told, remember, you are girl now and as you are a girl, I have to pretend like a Male to make the evening memorable.

I nodded and waited for her to make the next move. She moved  her hands inside by Bra and held my already erect nipples firmly.

Then she pinched it hard. I was painful, I tried to take her hand off.  

"Do not ever try to touch my hand bitch. The consequences will be severe."

Immediately I removed my hand. She pinched my nipples even harder. I was squirming with pain. She did the same thing to my other nipple also.

Both my Nipples were burning with pain, I closed my eyes and imagined I am a slave standing in front of a Mistress and she is punishing me. It was an enjoyable thought. 

Then what ever things she did to me and made me do can make a complete Novel. But in my next Blog I will try to share a few acts.

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