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How to select your swimsuit to match your anatomy?

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Swimsuits are very much personal and they cling to your body covering only the essential parts of your body and also those part that you want not to be exposed. Selecting a swimsuit is a tricky affair as when you go out in a swimsuit and dive into a pool, people are bound to watch and you would certainly not like your looks be compromised with what suit you are wearing.


You could be short or tall with small or big boobs and whatever you are the right selection process of swim suit enables you to highlight only those things that are attractive in your body. There are various types of boobs and some might sit very tight on your chest, some might hang and wobble as you move around. Some boobs might require a push up, some require restraints, some bobs need to be exaggerated, so me might need a little bit of hiding.

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You might think that your body is not fit enough to wear a swimsuit. Or you might think that a swim suit might make you look ugly exposing the parts that you think are your negative points. In that case you will be missing the crucial and enjoyable experience of having fun in water in a pool side or in beach. You will find yourself just sitting under an umbrella, sweating and watching others having fun in water.

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The swimsuit you buy should give you the confidence to present your body to the preying eyes in a swimming event or in a swimming party in pool or beach.

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Selecting the right fabric:

The fabric you select has to be comfortable to you and that is the first and the foremost thing that you have to consider before buying a swimsuit. If you are a swimmer regular in beaches or pool then the color of the swimsuit might get faded away in time. There are lots of brands in the market that provide swimsuits that are UV rays protected.

If you are slim and have a tight and not so bouncing boobs then you may not have to select a swimsuit without boob support. That would be more comfortable to wear and you can relax with it for a long time.

Drying time is a very important factor. The swimsuit you are wearing has to dry off quickly when you finish your swim and relax taking a sun bath.

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Swim suits that retain more moisture makes your swimsuit sticky over your body that make you feel uncomfortable.

If you are over sized and have big and bouncing boobs, then no problem, just get a suit with a boobs support. The boobs support come in different styles depending upon your requirement.

If you have boobs like hanging garden then a  bit of pushing up action might be required and putting them in a prominent spot.

Not everyone will be gifted with a flat belly. Swimsuits have a tendency of making a big protruding belly more prominent that you may not like. In this case you can go for swimsuits frills, patterns and textures below the waist.

Tightness at the waist line is also important and this has to be decided according to the size and the way you want to make them look seductive and sexy.

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I have personally selected some good swimsuits that are cheap, trendy and fashionable. And I have made my selections in such a way that most of the body structures are covered.

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