Sunday, 4 January 2015

10 Reasons why a transgender could be your best life partner

Transgenders have the unique distinction of having lived two different lives. Initially they are born as males and later on when they find their inner self is more feminine they change their identity either clinically or by just dressing like a female and start living like a female. In either case they are basically males according to nature and whatever happens to their psychology and physique, changes them not so fully as females as they could not acquire most of the female body traits. They could not become pregnant and give birth to children as genetic females do.

Being born as a male and due to social conditions and restrictions many of the cross dressers or transgenders could not convert themselves completely into females clinically. I belong to that category and I know I could never afford to even plan for a complete change over like that. People like me live a dual life of being a male to the external world and female in the inner secrets of the soul.

I have often wondered why males are preferring genetic females as life partners. If not for the advantage of presenting with children there seems to be no real reason behind their fantasy for genetic females. But having lived the lives of both male and female in this short life transgenders and cross dressers possess a rich experience of understanding the minds of a male as themselves are males originally.

Here are some facts that a male could consider before deciding on a life partner:

  1. Genetic females are more self centered and they always think only about themselves and their benefits. 
  2. Females could not understand the inner feelings of the males as their intention of making males understand their own feelings, takes one complete life time to get completed. 
  3. No male in this world could confidently tell that hey have understood a female fully. Because females are like closed shells and we all believe that beneath that real beauty lies and unfortunately without opening or seeing their inner minds our life gets wasted. But the curiosity remains and till the time we die we try to understand the female mind but we fail miserable and die without knowing that.
  4. Genetic females are self possessive and never go all the way to help others. there could be exceptions but I am talking in general.
  5. Love of genetic females shift from one person to person during their course of life. First they want their husband exactly like their father.When they actually get married they try to change the nature and life style of the males to suit their needs and beliefs. Then their love shifts to the children and try to mold the child into a person whom they always dreamed about. 
  6. Females have a liking for their own beauty and consider males as servants created by god to serve their beauty.
  7. Their sharp tongue more often hurts males and make them sick than any other dangerous creatures in the world.
  8. Females estimate males based on their money making capability and if a male fails in making the required money he would be insulted and in many cases discarded.
  9. Genetic females have no understanding about knowledge and the capability of mind. The more intellectual you are, the more they will hate you.
  10. Females are the licensed police dwelling inside your house. They would leave nothing as personal and would like to know about anything and everything about you. And in the process would make your life a hell.
  11. As the females want to know all about yourself, it does not mean that they would offer an opportunity to understand about their inner thoughts. They want to know everything and at the same want to hide everything about themselves. If you go a bit further and try to understand about them, you will be accused of prying into their personal life.
  12. You are required to offer them gifts and presents on special occasion and happy moments to keep them satisfied. If they are in bad mood or in sorrow you are still expected to present them with something that would make them smile.

Contrary to this transgenders are born with a curse who cannot live as a full fledged male or female.

  1. They also get the advantage of leading both the lives of a male and also a female.
  2. They understand well about a male as they themselves were males once.
  3. Transgenders always want to prove to the world and also to their partners that they are better than the genetic females and would go to any extent to prove that and make you more happy.
  4. Transgenders know that money is not everything and here is much more to life than just earning money because they have experienced the cruelty of nature that any amount of money could change.
  5. Transgenders know exactly a man wants from a girl and would offer that without without any resistance.
  6. They also know what a man does not expect from a girl that would make his life a hell and would certainly not give that to you.

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