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How to prepare for a crossdressing session?

How to prepare for a crossdressing session

As a part time cross dresser I used to cross dress only when I am on official tours, After finishing my work I go for shopping to buy all the essential things and back in the hotel room I will finish dinner and then would start cross dressing. I have done so for most of the 7 or 8 years I have been doing cross dressing seriously.

Even though I am pretty much experienced in doing this, every time I used to forget certain things that I would realize only when the necessity for that particular thing arises. That one particular thing could have the importance of spoiling the entire session. Even after experiencing the same for a number of times I am almost lazy to write down  a list to make it easy for shopping for a session. I know most of the cross dressers or even genetic females would have come across similar experiences. So How to prepare for a crossdressing session?

How to prepare for a crossdressing session?

So at last I am sharing this blog with a check list of things that you have to keep ready before attempting cross dressing. They could be very basic things and you might think why I am taking the strain of sharing the information. But I have seen even tiny things causing big set backs in sessions and I am sure you knew most of the things  that I am going to say here. But there will also be certain things that discovered myself during my sessions and photo shooting and I am sharing them also.


Dress is the first and foremost of the things that you need for cross dressing. First decide what do you want to wear. It could be a saree, night gown, jeans or dress or chudidhars or tops, For all the dresses, the basic requirement is a Bra and Panty. To choose the right bra, you can just go through my post Types of Bras - Get closer to your dreams. Panty size should be a size lesser than your brief size. 

Being in India, I always decide whether it is going to be saree or a modern dress. Since I always prefer saree there are certain things that have to  be purchased while purchasing a saree. Without them you cannot fully accomplish wearing of saree. Basic things are the Bra and Panty as told earlier and other important thing that is required is in-skirt and Blouse. In-skirts will be available ready made in almost all female dress shops in India and you can get them very easily. But getting a ready made blouse is a big problem. If you have time and facility you can stitch your blouse or tops. If that is not the case and ready made is also not available then you will have to just manage with Bra or even try a tops that goes tight with your body.

If you are in other country like US or UK or Saudi or France, then you can decide about the dress according to your taste and culture and purchase them. 

Coconut Oil:

This is one of the essential things that you should never forget during cross dressing.
There are many uses for this.
You can apply coconut oil thoroughly over your legs and shave off the hair. This gives a smooth and glossy finish to your legs.
You can apply coconut oil to your face and keep it for some time before washing with soap. Your face will glow if you do this.
After you finish the cross dressing session, you can use coconut oil to remove the make-up and believe me it is the best and natural way of removing the make up.

Foundation: Select the foundation shade that suits the color of your skin. 
Make-up Box: There are make-up boxes that contain almost everything that you need for make up like powder, blush, eye shades, lip stick etc.
Lip stick: You can buy a separate lipstick even if you have purchased a make-up Box so as to suit your dress that you are going to wear that particular day.\
Kajal, Eye liner and Eyebrow pencil - all the three are equally important to make your eyes attractive.
Hair Pins: This is one of the things that I almost forget every time and face with lots of difficulties while wearing my wigs. 
Safety Pin: This is also an important thing that could be handy in many ways.
Nail Polish: Select the color that suits the dress that you are going to wear. I normally do not apply nail polish while I am cross dressing as I think my nails look better without them but as most of the cross dressers want to decorate their nails I am including it in my list.
Tattoos and stickers: These would give a different look to you.

I am also planning to start a tutorial for cross dressing through videos where I will be dressing up a young and attractive and entirely a new face. She is not only a cross dresser but also a would be transgender. Please wait for that moment when I introduce that attractive new comer who would capture all your hearts.

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