Friday, 26 December 2014

Scintillating world of Warm & Intimate Monalisa

Welcome to the scintillating World of Warm & Intimate Monalisa.

Who is Monalisa ?

Everyone know that Monalisa is a painting made by Da Vinci and How famous  it is ?

There are two reasons why the painting is so famous. 

A Killing smile bordering the corners of the lips of Monalisa.

The mysteries and reasons  behind the Portrayal of Monalisa.

Why Monalisa ?

I am not claiming that I am equipped with that  killing smile. 

But the mysteries and reasons that are behind her portrayal  will be almost similar to mine  about which I have already written in my Website....

So let me not waste your time in writing them here.

Because this is a place to be Warm & Intimate with you all girls and boys who are equally welcome here.

Post for Girls

But this post is for the girls who are locked desperately with their husbands for a life time and planning a way to set things right and get dominance in their Home affairs. Each and every step a Human takes in his/her life will have a hidden attempt to gain dominance over fellow humans or animals or the nature. This is the nature of law.

Successful Marriage and Dominance:

Even the most successful marriages wouldn't have been such a success if not for the acceptance of domination by one of the partners in one way or other. Even after being a successful housewife, in the corner of your mind you will be having a sensation that you are being dominated. 

Your Husband might feel egoistic. He always takes vital decisions. He is ignoring you. He pays more attention to his job or business. He is childish in taking decisions but believes they are great.

All of the above or any one or some other thing not listed certainly would be nudging your mind. 

He is a strong intellect but when it comes to family routines and problems he is a novice, bet he never accepts it. Even though he never tries to dominate you intentionally, you are the one who makes all the adjustments, compromises, etc., to accommodate his nature. The submissive nature that is inside you or the dominance that resides in him makes it possible.

I know you are tired of getting dominated all your life. You always want to lead, want to take decisions, want to dominate but that has all ended up as a dream. You are living happily as per social standards but the things that give sleepless nights want you to be dominant...It is true...Even if you deny it, this thought is existing in your inner self....Knowingly or unknowingly you are suppressing that content leading a life that is unreal which doesn't give you proper importance acceptance for your ambitions and achievements.

Girly Problems:

I have taken up only a sample but there are plenty of things that concerns a girl in adolescence, in her teens, in her married life, in her Motherhood etc..

Here this blog we are going to interact almost all the problems that tend to ruin your dreams or like things you should know to attract a Man, How to seduce, How to be a leader, How to be a dominant.....everything will be discussed here.

We are also going to discuss about fashion, recent trends, festivals, occasions, beauty, tips for being a beautiful.....

It is going to be a place every girl would feel at home.

You can always write to me and contact me at any time.

Oh...One thing I forgot....

We will also be adding a gossip column and a Recipe column soon....

My next post will be

5 ways to drive your husband crazy....

I am not  joking dear girls, read to believe it,

Until then 

With Warm & Intimate hugs


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