Thursday, 18 December 2014

Complete Guide for Navel Piercing

Navel  piercing has been in practice from Ancient times. Only thing is that, in Ancient times, Males used to get their Navel Pierced while in our modern era, females are more crazy about it. Unlike Nipple piercing, Navel piercing doesn't give any special pleasurable feeling but invading the privacy of your body always makes you feel kinky. 

There are other reasons why a girl would prefer to have her Navel pierced. You might like to have that as a personal statement. Maybe you want your piercing to be a mile stone in your life. You might just want to decorate one of your greatest assets. Navel piercing increases curiosity in your partner and might make him try different techniques in Sex. Or you want to stand apart in a crowd and show to the world that you are unique.

Navel Piercing,  in some places, is referred as Belly Button Piercing or Umbilical Piercing. the actual Navel is not pierced in Navel Piercing but only the top rim of it is pierced. For information like selecting the piercing Salon, preparing yourself for piercing, after care, etc., you may please refer my Blog - Guide to know about Piercing. 

Navel Piercing came into the limelight and started getting more followers when Christy Turlington showed off her Navel piercing in a Fashion show in London. But it became mere famous when Aerosmith Music Video hit the store where Alicia Silverstone gets her Navel Pierced. Whatever be the History, now it has become a trend and many girls are going for Navel Piercing. 

Unlike Nipple Piercing, Navel piercing has it's own advantages. You can show off your new decoration more boldly and get added attraction as showing the Navel is not considered odd. But try to keep a check on your belly size and if grows bigger you may not be able show your Navel decorations freely. 

After care for Navel piercing :

1) After returning home immediately after getting pierced you might feel a bit uncomfortable. Do not move or rotate the jewelry as the spot might still be sour. 

2) After a few hours of getting your Navel pierced, dissolve some sea salt in boiling water, take the solution in a Glass and allow it to cool for some time. Then bend over and place your belly over the glass top.  Once you are sure that the top of Glass is fully covered by your Belly lean back. If you have done it right, the Glass will not fall down and the Salt water also will not be leaking. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes and let the slat water do the work for you. Then remove the Glass.

3) Rinse out the place with fresh running water and then dry it. Do not use a towel as that might contain Bacteria. A clean fresh Paper Towel can be used. Continue this procedure for at least 3 to 4 months till the wound completely gets cured.

4) Bathing and Showering : You can bath as you usually do but do not use strong bath oils or soap as the wound might still hurt. 

5) Avoid washing your hair for sometime as the hair might have Bacteria that might infect the piercing. 

6) Do not shave any of your body hair as the fine hair particles might stick to the wound and cause infection.

7) Take care of your piercing while sleeping. Do not sleep in a posture that might exert pressure to the piercing spot.

8) Do not wear tight cloths that bite into the piercing spot and strain it.

What you should not do after Navel Piercing :

1) Do not clean the Piercing with Alcohol or Hydrogen Peroxide.

2) Do not change jewelry till the entire healing process is complete.

3) If you experience redness, swelling, excessive pain, bad smell or bleeding, immediately contact your Doctor.

4) Do not allow your Pet to crawl into your bed as it's hair and the germs in Body might increase the chances of getting infected.

5) After initial piercing, use only Stainless Steel or Titanium Jewelry.

6) Do not swim till the wound is fully cured as the Pool water will be swarming with Bacteria or might have Chlorine that might harm you.

 Navel Piercing is a beautiful experience. Take special care as stated above so that you can sail through the process with ease and make it more beautiful.

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