Friday, 26 December 2014

Monalisa - Sexy stripping moods - 5 Videos

I have been doing crossdressing for a while now, But I seriously started capturing my cross dressing sessions only for the past seven years. This is a video that show the stages of my cross dressing style during the period

Everyone loves boobs and I am not an exception for that. I love boobs of the genetic females. But the boobs that I love the most are mine as I have myself developed it and have made it look big and exaggerated. In spite of all this, I get a tingling whenever I see my boobs in photos and videos. This is one such video where I have exposed ample boobs that seduced me and hope it would do the same to you.

It is not an actual strip tease. But having seen females in saree all the time in my place I know how much minds crave to see when bare skin is exposed  while wearing a saree. Traditionally Indian saree is designed to cover the sensitive parts of a female. But modern version of the saree wearing has made it more sexier than western dresses. See how one could look sexier wearing Saree

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