Monday, 29 December 2014

Monalisa - Memories of the past 20 photos

This is one dress that I would never forget all my life. I took these photos after the visit of a rogue who acted as a friend in the social media. After being a friend for a considerable period of time I started trusting the guy and invited him for a cross dressing session of mine.

When he entered the room he inquired  whether I am the cross dresser with whom he was interacting? I innocently said yes and he immediately took a rough stand and said that he is a local police and he has been tracing the activities of cross dressers in that area who are spoiling the lives of youngsters. He went on in that tone and asked me to come to the police station. From the way he started the conversation I had a small doubt and asked him whether he would like to see me cross dressed before he took any action.

He happily agreed and in front of him I cross dressed and he got really interested in the complete transformation I presented. He chatted with me lovingly later on and after some time said that he does not want to spoil my life and asked how much money I had in my pocket. When I told him what I had he simply took out the cash from my purse and said he is letting me free because of the great show of cross dressing.
He then went away with all the cash I had with me. At least he didn't ask me about my debit card that I had i my pocket and I felt really happy about that. \
After he left, as I din't want to waste the session, I took some pictures and vacated the room.

Since I was not equipped properly at that time I took these photos with my mobile phone.

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