Thursday, 25 December 2014

Indian Crossdresser strips for you - 5 Videos of Monalisa

Watch some sexy poses from the Indian crossdresser Monalisa in this blog. I was wearing a two piece satin Night dress while shooting this video and the black hair is a must watch video.

This video shows the male to female transformation and how beautifully I get transformed is portrayed in this video.

The video is titled as Sexy Indian Crossdresser and as the name indicates, I have tried to be as sexier as possible to seduce you

Crossdresser Mona Strips for you: I have stripped for you in this video. But not to the nude level but certainly to an attractive level that would make my friends happier.

I just wanted my present boobs and the past boobs size, shape and attractio capacity to be compared and the result is this video. Please compare and tell whether the present day boobs is sexier or the older ones.

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